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If you want to stay in Turkey or utilize vehicle rental services in Turkey and drive in this country for any purpose during your vacation, you must be fully aware of the nation’s driving rules. Following traffic laws guarantees the safety of people and public property. You should be aware that Istanbul, Turkey, is a popular tourist destination that draws a huge number of visitors each year. Due to the exorbitant expense of taxis, visitors and residents in Istanbul either hire a vehicle or take public transportation. Because of the high population density and vehicle density, Turkish authorities have taken driving regulations seriously. Of course, the standards and traffic rules are the same in all nations, but the amount of punishment varies.

Traffic rules in Turkey

Saadat Hire recommends familiarizing yourself with the essential documentation for renting a car in Istanbul if you want to drive in Istanbul and wish to rent a car. In this country, the following are the most essential driving rules:

  • Pedestrians have the right of way at all times.
  • The legal space between the cars in front must always be maintained.
  • Traffic lights and traffic signals should be observed.
  • Seat belts are required for all passengers.
  • Keep an eye out for the speed limit on all streets and roads.
  • Under no circumstances should you occupy the overtaking lane (left).
  • Do not drive when intoxicated.
  • No cell phone use while driving
  • If there are vehicles with sirens behind you, such as an ambulance or fire engine, relocate your car to the proper location to allow them to pass.

We now know that Turkey has tight laws for private car drivers. This country also has high regard for pedestrians. If you’re driving to Turkey, keep in mind that if you don’t pay your auto fee, you won’t be able to exit the country. Of course, fines can be paid at land borders. In addition to keeping you and your passengers safe, observing the driving regulations in this nation will save you from having to pay large penalties.

The most traffic violations in Istanbul

  1. Failure to use a seat belt (everyone in any vehicle must wear a seat belt)
  2. Pedestrian right-of-way violation
  3. Ignoring the red light
  4. Failure to obey any traffic signs
  5. Exceeding the legal speed limit
  6. Driving after having consumed a drink
  7. Turning in the wrong direction without using a turn signal
  8. Driving while talking or texting on a cell phone
  9. Noncompliance with traffic priority regulations
  10. Failure to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you
  11. During the winter, avoid using wheel chains.
  12. Turkish traffic rules impose a speed restriction.

Drivers in Turkey face fines under Turkish traffic laws. If a person’s bad score reaches 8, their certificates will be confiscated, and their licenses will be revoked if they repeat the same offense.

Necessary documents that must be with you in Turkey

The documents stated in this section must be present in the automobile, according to Turkish traffic legislation, and their absence will result in a punishment.

  1. Car card
  2. A driver’s license
  3. Body insurance third party
  4. Vehicle inspection sheet (performed once every two years)
  5. Vehicle pollution inspection form (performed every year)
  6. Receipt for Vehicle Tax Payment (paid once every two years)

Necessary accessories in the car

According to Turkish traffic legislation, due to the possibility of accidents and abnormalities occurring at any time, it is obligatory to carry the following essential things in the car:

  • First-aid supplies
  • Capsule fire extinguisher
  • Wheel wrenches and jacks
  • Car tire chains (required in winter months)

Last word

Driving in Turkey requires a good understanding of the country’s traffic rules and regulations. Istanbul, a bustling tourist hub, sees a significant number of visitors who often opt for car rentals due to taxi costs. Being well-versed in Turkish traffic laws is essential for both residents and tourists. Pedestrian rights, seat belt usage, obeying traffic signals, and adhering to speed limits are crucial. Violations can result in fines, and accumulating a certain number of penalties can lead to license suspension. Having the necessary documents and safety equipment in your vehicle is also mandatory, ensuring a safe and compliant driving experience in Turkey.


Frequently asked questions.
Do I need an International Driver’s License for car rental in Istanbul?
Yes, you must have an International Driver’s License for rent a car in Istanbul

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