Road trip in Iran

road trip in iran

Iran is a vast country with many geographical differences throughout the country. Each corner of it has its unique beauties and features. In addition to natural beauties and attractions, the customs, food culture, and language spoken by the people of each region are also different. One of the best and cheapest ways you can explore the country and drive on these routes is to use car rental in Iran. pack your clothes and essential stuff, reserve your desired car on our website at the best price and join us to have a look at the most exciting road trip in Iran.

Chalous Road

Hearing the title of the best road trip in Iran, probably the first answer that comes to the mind of everyone is Chalous Road. A road that is one of the main ways to reach the beautiful shores of the Caspian Sea and enjoy the endless tranquility of the sea. The way it is narrow and spiral has not prevented its popularity. The road passes through the cliffs and the heart of the mountains. As you cross it, you will encounter dreamy views of valleys and mountains covered with forests, small waterfalls, and spring rivers flowing from the heart of the cliffs, long and tortuous tunnels. Along the way, you can stop for a barbecue with the famous local food. 

chalous road trip

Tabriz to Julfa road

After a full tour of the historical and beautiful city of Tabriz and visiting places such as its bustling bazaar, Kaboud Mosque and…. Enter the road and drive to the historic village of Kandovan, which is about an hour away. Kandovan village is more than 3000 years old. Its beehive-shaped houses have been dug into the heart of the dormant volcanic rocks of Sahand. When you believe that there are still people living in these houses in this modern world, continue on your way and drive to Julfa on a windy road.
17 km west of Julfa you will reach a pleasant valley where the Church of St. Stephen is located and only 3 km away from the Aras River. In the neighborhood of this church (20 km north of Chaldoran) is Qarah Church and only 12 km after that is Zor Zor Church.

Driving through Kurdistan province

Kurdistan province and its endless beauties! Its beauties are not limited to the highlands and their various landscapes, but also the culture and customs of its people are very spectacular. To tour this province, start your journey with the center of Sanandaj city and then continue your way to Palangan steppe village. A beautiful and ancient village with spectacular springs! Tangivar valley is only 800 meters away from the village. Continue to Oraman, another steppe village that is recently recorded as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. The roaring river of Sirvan also passes by it.
Head north to reach the lost paradise, Zarivar lake. 70 km south of Diwandarah city, you will reach Karfto caves. The limestone cave belongs to the third geological period, which is famous for its Greek inscription. As you know, the winters in Kurdistan are hard and cold. But spring and summer are perfect for traveling there.

Yazd to Nayband road

If you are a fan and a native of the desert, take a road trip in Iran to Nayband. Along the way, you will get acquainted with life in the heart of the desert and the residents of the villages will welcome you with hospitality and open arms. Nayband is a remote village, full of fruit and palm trees, and in the background are mud houses, bricks, and desert mountains. The wildlife around the village is also amazing and many animals live in it.
If you plan to go to Kerman from Yazd, you can include the village of Khoranagh, 85 km from Yazd, in your plan. The village has historical monuments, numerous mines, and rare animals.

Sightseeing on Qeshm Island

To transport your rental car for this road trip in Iran, you can take it to Bandar Abbas and from there transfer it to the island by the ship. Qeshm nature is one of the most beautiful and pristine natural beauties of Iran. Driving on this island of 1500 square kilometers will probably be one of your most enduring trips. On the east coast of Qeshm island, you can discover the highlands of Naz Island. Other attractions include Hengam Island Dolphins, Salt Caves, Star Valley, Portuguese Castle, and mangrove forests. In the meantime, you can get more acquainted with the culture of the island people. In part of Qeshm, people still build wooden boats (their dinghies) by hand.

sightseeing on geshm island

Tehran to Shiraz Road

A trip from the modern and contemporary capital of Iran to the heart of ancient Iran! In addition to the sights of the cities of origin and destination along the way, you have many sights ahead. At the beginning of the route, it reached the city of Qom. You can visit the holy shrine of Imam Masoumeh and visit the old bazaar of Qom. A little further on you reached the salt lands and the Salt Lake. The historical houses of Kashan and the red village of Abyaneh are also your views. And after all these sights, the city of Isfahan (half of the world) is on its way. After that, he reached the beautiful city of Shiraz, which has countless sights.

tehran to shiraz road

Caspian coast

Every time you come to these beautiful beaches, you will encounter a world of landscapes and cultures, customs, and various foods. To the west of Anzali port is the caviar breeding center. You can take a boat and go to Anzali lagoon and enjoy seeing its beautiful water lilies. After that, you will reach the beautiful city of Ramsar and at the eastern end, the Turkmen port and the village of Ashuradeh, and you will pass one of the most exciting road trips in Iran. Along the way in addition to enjoying extraordinary nature, cultural and linguistic differences from Gilaki to Mazandaran and then Turkmen will surprise you.

caspian road

So, you can use all the roads that you want for traveling to Iran.

Last Words

Exploring the diverse landscapes, cultures, and traditions of Iran through these captivating road trips is a remarkable way to experience the country’s rich tapestry. From the winding Chalous Road to the ancient villages of Kurdistan, the desert oasis of Nayband, the natural wonders of Qeshm Island, the historic route from Tehran to Shiraz, and the enchanting Caspian coast, each journey unveils unique treasures. Car rental in Iran opens up a world of possibilities for travelers seeking adventure, cultural immersion, and unforgettable memories. Pack your bags, hit the road, and let the beauty of Iran unfold before you.

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