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dubai travel guide

During a trip to Dubai, tourists can indulge in a plethora of amenities, from exploring ancient landmarks juxtaposed with modern skyscrapers to visiting lush parks and endless desert dunes for camel rides and safaris. Immersing in traditional celebrations and Arab customs offers a deeper cultural experience, while participation in international exhibitions adds an exciting dimension to the journey. Dubai seamlessly blends Islamic traditions with Western modernization, making it a coveted destination for Iranians, Europeans, and even Americans seeking an extraordinary and captivating travel experience. This section of the Rent website aims to provide essential information for those planning a trip to Dubai.

Introducing the city of Dubai

Dubai, the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates, is located in the Arabian Peninsula, and the city of Abu Dhabi is the main capital of the UAE. Dubai is located in the south of the Persian Gulf, the southeast of the Arabian Sea, the northeast of Oman and the north of Saudi Arabia. As the tourism capital of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai houses many economic centers, government ministries, international trade centers, old and new libraries, and unique sights.

In this section of the travel guide to Dubai, it is not bad to know that the United Arab Emirates is a structural booklet and consists of 7 emirates, of which Dubai is one of them. Each of these 7 emirates has political and economic independence, but the total area of the country is 8,3600 square kilometers. The UAE is one of the most populated regions and has a lot of wealth.

The leaders of the Arab Emirates are among the hundred powerful economic constructions and far from relying on saving fossil fuels, among which Dubai is currently successful in the tourism industry and is emerging at the global level. Stay with us in the rest of this travel guide to Dubai to review the basic general knowledge about Dubai.

Dubai general information and knowledge

  • Dubai phone number: 971
  • Dubai police phone number: 999
  • Emergency phone number in Dubai: 999
  • Dubai medical emergency number: 998
  • Dubai city area: 4700 square kilometers
  • Dubai city population: 3.3 million people based on 2021 census

Dubai weather

Since Dubai is located in the Middle East, it is not surprising that its climate is hot and dry; Therefore, it rarely rains in this city. With this in mind, in this section of the travel guide to Dubai, we examine the weather of the popular city of Dubai in different seasons to choose the best travel time:

In the spring of Dubai, which is roughly between March and May, the weather gradually warms up and is 27 degrees Celsius on average. If you plan to travel to Dubai at this time, you should note that winds blow from the north to the northeast of the city, which can be free, especially if you plan to do activities such as desert trekking; But on the other hand, due to the coolness of these winds, the air in the city is mild and the heat is not annoying.

It’s no secret that Dubai has very hot weather in the summer, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius. Due to the scorching heat of summer, fewer foreign tourists travel to Dubai in this season, but on the other hand, the rulers prepare many festivals in this season to attract tourists, which if the heat is not a problem for you, you can use them, as well as good discounts. You can also see it in shopping centers.

Another thing about traveling to Dubai in summer is that the air humidity is high and this makes walking difficult and exhausting.

The months of September to November can be considered the fall of Dubai. In this season, the weather is getting cooler and it is a good time to travel to this city in terms of weather. The average temperature in autumn is 30 degrees Celsius and the cool winds from the north to the northwest start again.

The air temperature in the winters of Dubai is never cold, and only because the region is a desert, it has cold nights, which can be seen in all seasons. Sometimes in winter in Dubai, we see scattered rains and we can say that the average temperature is between 16 and 25 degrees Celsius.

In general, the most popular times to travel to Dubai are spring and autumn, when tourists can enjoy outdoor activities easily and away from the heat.

Public transport in Dubai

One of the concerns of many tourists who travel for the first time is the lack of familiarity with Dubai’s public transportation system. So we dedicated this part of the travel guide to Dubai with all the vehicles available in Dubai.

First of all, you should know that Dubai is a very modern city and there are various options of vehicles for traveling around the city.

Metro in Dubai

The Dubai Metro has 2 main lines and is a very advanced system that places it in the list of the fastest metros in the world. This metro currently has 29 functional stations. The important thing about the Dubai Metro is that its price is not cheap for Iranians considering the valuelessness of the Iranian rial. But you can have a good experience to get to know the city.

Buses in Dubai

The bus is the most useful public transport in Dubai. Dubai buses have 140 lines and are very useful during busy times and connect different parts of the city. The price of the bus in Dubai is reasonable and people use the bus for daily transportation.

Taxi in Dubai

Using a taxi is very common in Dubai, but it is not economical for tourists and especially Iranians. Perhaps, with double taxi fares, you can use car rental in Dubai and enjoy better benefits than taxis. However, people who don’t have financial restrictions choose taxis for their transportation and there are two famous taxi-hailing apps in Dubai called Karim and Uber.

Trams or trams in Dubai

Tram is also one of the vehicles in Dubai that can be used with two lines in the city center. Trams are cheap vehicles, but they are only suitable for traveling in the central areas of Dubai.

Blue taxi in Dubai

Water taxis or water taxis for transport and transport who intend to travel to islands or areas that have to use water and their price is reasonable compared to buying a tour. Some Iranians who travel to Dubai do not need these types of taxis.

There are Dubai taxis on the coast of the Persian Gulf and they may be used in the south of Iran.

Last word

Dubai is a vibrant and attractive city, and if you travel there, you can find places that you can count down the minutes to see. In this travel guide to Dubai, you are more familiar with the city of Dubai, but we strongly recommend that you use car rental services in Dubai for travel and sightseeing in this city, because we can rent a car from Tehran with Rials. You give yourself the gift of memory and freedom.

The metro system of the cities of Dubai is not as rich as Istanbul, and without a doubt, renting a car can be smart because you can choose a better price than other public vehicles and you can drive in one of the best cities in the world with any car you want. you have.

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