Travel to Yazd (2021 update)

travel to yazd

Yazd is one of the most spectacular cities in Iran, which is located almost in the center of Iran, and it is registered in the UNESCO world heritage list because of its historical context and many sights. Traditional architecture, many historical houses, spectacular attractions, and all this has made the travel to Yazd one of the best tours in Iran. Yazd is known by various titles such as the city of windbreakers, the city of sweets, and the city of bicycles, and it is interesting that the oldest air conditioner in the world also existed in Yazd, all of which make a trip to this historic city a must-see. But before that, you should get information about the costs, its sights, which you can read in this article, stay with us.

A brief history about Yazd

Yazd is one of the most historic cities in Iran. Some cities in this province have been attributed to certain people in different periods, for example, Meybod has been attributed to Suleiman the Prophet or Yazd to Alexander, which indicates the antiquity of this region. Apart from these, the historical monuments that have remained from the past to the present day are another strong reason for the historical nature of this city. Today, the city is full of relics from that time and is waiting for you to travel to Yazd and visit all of them.

General information of Yazd

Yazd is about 631 km away from Tehran and you can try different methods to travel to Yazd. If you want to use a car rental in Yazd, you will travel approximately 6 and a half to 7 hours. The next option is to travel to this city by train or plane.

Yazd weather and the best time to travel to Yazd

Yazd is a desert region and it has a hot and dry climate. Since it is a warm region, it is better to travel to Yazd in the cold seasons of the year, spring is also a great time to visit this city.

Travel to Yazd | Travel expenses in general

Lets look at travel to Yazd expenses:


Since Yazd is a traditional city, many traditional hotels staying in them will certainly be more enjoyable than staying in a modern hotel because you can find hotels like them in every city. It is good to have approximate information about the cost of accommodation in these hotels before you travel to Yazd:

Luxury hotels

Among these hotels, we can mention Safaiyeh, Moshir Al-Mamalak garden, and Fahadan. for one night stay in these hotels, you have to pay approximately 400,000 to 600,000 tomans per night.

Medium hotels

such as Malek ol-Tojjar Hotel and Morshed Garden. The cost of accommodation in average hotels in this city is 300,000 to 450,000 tomans per night.

Economy hotels

The cost of one night stay in this hotel is from 150,000 tomans to 300,000 tomans.

Food and beverage

The cost of a fast-food meal starts from 20,000 Tomans and you have to pay approximately 60,000 Tomans to eat Iranian food, of course, if you eat in luxury restaurants in your travel to Yazd, this cost will be higher.


To travel to Yazd and get around the city, you can use car rental in Iran services or you can also use public transport such as buses, BRTs, and taxis.
Yazd tourist attractions. Yazd, this unique brick city in the world has many sights in it, among which we mention some examples to visit during your trip to Yazd:

Amir Chakhmaq Square

If you have not seen it up close, you have heard its name, a square that belongs to the ninth century and is a complex consisting of a mosque, water storage, and bazaar.

Yazd Grand Mosque

The historical antiquity of this mosque belongs to the Sassanid era and is known for its extremely beautiful tiles and extraordinary architecture.

Yazd Fire Temple

Yazd Fire Temple is the holy fire temple where the Zoroastrian fire is kept. It is said that this fire has not been extinguished for 1500 years.

Historic houses

This city has many historical houses, the most famous of which is the historical house of the Lari, a house belonging to the thirteenth century.


As mentioned above, Yazd is also known as the city of windbreaks. The tallest windmill in the world is located in a place called Dolatabad Garden in Yazd, which is one of the must-see places to visit in Yazd.

So, at least, before traveling to Yazd, get some information and after that travel there.

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Last Words

In conclusion, Yazd stands as one of Iran’s most remarkable cities, boasting UNESCO World Heritage status due to its rich historical context and numerous attractions. Known as the city of windbreakers, sweets, and bicycles, Yazd offers a journey through time with its traditional architecture, historic houses, and iconic landmarks like Amir Chakhmaq Square, the Yazd Grand Mosque, and the Yazd Fire Temple. When planning your trip, consider the best time to visit during the cooler seasons, and be prepared for accommodation costs ranging from economy to luxury hotels. Explore the unique culture and history of Yazd, where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern life.