Why should we go to Yazd? The best time to travel to Yazd

why should we travel to yazd?

Yazd province, with an area of around 75,000 square kilometers, is located amid the Iranian plateau and on the outskirts of the desert and Lut plains. For traveling to this city, you can use a car rental Yazd and visit all the perfect places there. One of the city’s most notable tourist attractions is its ancient texture, which can be seen today.

About Yazd

This city’s name signifies “Holy Land” or “God’s City.” Yazd’s name may be found in several travel books and travel books throughout history. Throughout history, there are several texts indicating that one of the earliest sites where Aryans established a foothold was in the city. The Atabakan tribe, which governed this territory for about 140 years, was one of the most powerful tribes.

Yazd has a population of 523,192 people, of which 481,479 live in the city and 41,713 live in the countryside, making it one of Iran’s largest and most populated cities.

When is the best time to visit Yazd?

Yazd province’s climate, due to its location on the world’s dry belt, features chilly and generally humid winters and hot, dry, and lengthy summers. Furthermore, due to climatic conditions and special conditions governing desert border areas, such as low rain and poor pastures, as well as a lack of water supply sources, the agricultural situation in this province is not favorable, and the possibility of exploiting surface water in agriculture is very low. However, Yazd province includes geologically massive mineral reserves such as Chagharat iron, Bourgh marble, and so on, which have played a major and constructive role in the region’s economic and societal growth.

Weather-wise, the ideal season to visit Yazd is from early March to early May, when the climate is warm and the average temperature is 16 degrees Celsius, however, early fall is also a good time to visit this lovely city. So, in general, we can say that spring and fall are the ideal seasons to visit Yazd in terms of weather.

Why should we travel to Yazd?

There are certain reasons why you should visit Yazd that you should be aware of before you go.

  • Yazd is the first of Iran’s gorgeous cities to be registered in the world.
  • Religious minorities reside in Yazd and benefit from active religious places of their faith.
  • In this huge region, there are several places, rites, and works from Zoroastrianism that has been preserved in memory.
  • The Zoroastrian quarter in Yazd city has retained its original texture.
  • Yazd transports visitors back in time like a time machine.
  • Yazd is known across the world for its windmills and ancient structures.
  • The Grand Mosque of Yazd features Iran’s highest minarets on the planet.
  • Yazd’s Daulat Abad Garden has been designated as a unique architectural masterpiece.
  • Yazd is known for its excellent and well-known sweets.
  • Yazdi sweets and baklavas are authentic Yazd souvenirs.
  • Historical customs such as palm turning are still practiced in Yazd city after many years. Yazd’s palm-tree-turning ceremony commemorates the days of Taswa and Ashura and is regarded as a historical and Islamic tradition.
  • Ancient traditions like the Mehrgan and Sedeh festivals are still held with zeal and magnificence in Yazd.

For these reasons, you should visit this ideal city throughout the aforementioned optimum season.

Continue your stay in Yazd

Given that Yazd is a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists, as well as a popular location for work and study, it is in a very excellent category in terms of the hotel and hospitality business, as well as the welcome of visitors from this city. Yazd accommodation centers are emerging and increasing daily throughout the year.

Luxury and traditional hotels, dormitories, ecotourism residences, and rental houses are among your lodging options in Yazd, which you may book according to your budget and other criteria. To prevent complications during the tourist season in Yazd, you should, of course, make an online reservation for your desired hotel.

Yazd tourist attractions

There are several wonderful locations in this city that you should see. We will introduce you to the top locations in Yazd.

  1. Yazd Grand Mosque

Yazd’s Jame Mosque is one of the most significant tourist attractions in the city, and it is on Iran’s list of national monuments. Because of its tall minarets, this mosque can be seen from all around the city. Yazd’s Jame Mosque contains a tall porch, two porches, two garam homes, a dome, two piers, and a wide rectangular courtyard. This mosque is rich in fine creative works that will wow you when you visit.

  1. Amir Chakhmaq collection

Amir Chakhmaq is the name of a plaza in Yazd’s historical background, which is surrounded by a variety of structures. Among these structures are the market, takiye, mosque, two water reservoirs, and a mausoleum, all of which are regarded to be among the country’s most significant historical and cultural treasures. Each building in this collection has distinguishing traits that increase its worth. Amir Chakhmaq Square, or Mirchakhmaq in Yazidi, is one of the emblems of Yazd city and is recognized as the epic square of Yazidis.

  1. Yazd fire temple

Yazd fire temple is where the Zoroastrian sacred fire is maintained in Yazd city and where Zoroastrians who live there pray. Entering this house of prayer has long been connected with rites for worshipers, such as male and female cleansing. Men must wear a white cap, while ladies must wear a white scarf and a light-colored dress without shoes. The sacred fire is housed within a big tan tent, and a person designated “Hirbad” is in charge of keeping it burning.

  1. Six wind reservoir

You’ve probably heard that Yazd is renowned as the “City of Winds.” A structure that, by the use of architecture, protects the inhabitants of Yazd from the oppressive heat. The Shesh Badgir Reservoir, which is differentiated from other reservoirs by its six winders, is recognized as the most beautiful water reservoir in Yazd city. This structure dates from the Qajar era.

As previously said, this city boasts the greatest spots. You may visit this city on your next trip and have a good time with your family or friends. Remember to reserve your preferred vehicle ahead of time.

Last Words

In conclusion, Yazd province beckons travelers to explore its rich history, enchanting architecture, and unique cultural heritage. This “Holy Land” with its ancient roots and welcoming population offers a glimpse into Iran’s past and a taste of its present. From its iconic windmills and historic landmarks to the preservation of Zoroastrian traditions and delectable sweets, Yazd is a destination like no other. Whether you visit during the temperate spring or autumn months, you’re bound to be captivated by this timeless city. So, plan your journey, book your accommodations, and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the heart of Yazd, Iran.