Top 5 sights in Tabriz

top 5 sights in tabriz

The top 5 sights in Tabriz are the best things to do and see in this city. We offer you car rental in Iran for places to visit in Tabriz. You can also visit the sights around Tabriz. Tabriz is the largest city in the northwest of modern-day Iran. This city is a popular tourist destination.           

There are many sights in Tabriz city, from historical monuments to wonderful natural landscapes. If you are planning to travel to Tabriz, follow this Rentkonim article. Here we have mentioned the sights of Tabriz. So you will get acquainted with this city and you can have a good plan for your travel to Tabriz.

1- Bridges – Historical

The historical bridges of Tabriz are one of the tourist attractions of the city. In every city where the waterway flows, old and historical bridges were built for people to use and cross the river. Tabriz has several historical bridges because of the two rivers, Mehran Rud and Talkheh Rud. The two famous bridges of this city are Aji Chai and Ghari.

– Aji River bridge (Aji Chay)

Aju River is another name for the Talkheh Rud River. Both of these names mean “bitter river”. Aji Chay is the largest river that discharges into Lake Urmia. The historic Aji Chay Bridge is over the river, on the old Tabriz road to Marand.

– Qari Bridge

Qari Bridge is a historic stone bridge over the Quri River. It was built during the Qajar dynasty.

2- Churches

The historical churches of Tabriz are valuable monuments and places belonging to the Christians and Armenians of Tabriz.  These churches are one of the most popular tourist places in Tabriz. So if you are going to Tabriz, don’t forget to visit the important and historical churches of Azerbaijan.

– Armenian church of Adventist

The Adventist Christian Church (S.D.A CHURCH) is located in Shahnaz Street, Tabriz. Tabriz Adventists are Protestant branches of Armenian Christians in Iran.

– Armenian church of Saint Mary

Saint Mary Church, Holy Mother of God Church or Surp Mariam Asdvadzadzin Church is an Armenian Apostolic church completed in 1785. It is the largest and oldest Christian church in Tabriz.

– Assyrian church

Assyrian church’s building is like a cross and its courtyard is full of trees. This church is also called the Evangelical Church and belongs to the late Qajar period. To visit the Assyrian Church in Tabriz, go to South Shariati Street, Valman Alley.

– Catholic church of Tabriz

The Catholic Church belongs to Iran’s Catholic Christian community. This church was built in 1912 and is located in the Mearmear of Tabriz. Catholics perform their ceremonies and celebrations in this church.

3- Hamams – Turkish bath

You can find the most beautiful hammams in Iran in Tabriz. Public bathhouses are an ancient tradition in Iran. In the past, public baths played a key role in public health.

– Historic Nobar Hamami (Nobar bath)

The Nobar Bathhouse is one of the historical Public bathings in Tabriz. This beautiful Hamam is one of the most magnificent Iranian buildings built during the Qajar period. Nobar Hamam (Bath) became the first and the biggest traditional restaurant in Tabriz.

– Ferdowsi Hamami

Ferdowsi Bath is located near the old bazaar. Quoted from the bathroom owner. It is 400 years old and is still used. Of course, the last renovation of this bath dates back to 50 years ago.

4- Houses – Historical

The historical houses of Tabriz are often related to the Qajar or early Pahlavi era. We can call this city the city of Ghajri houses. This time, when you travel to Azerbaijan, remember to visit these houses.

– Amir Nezam House

The Amir Nezām House is the Qajar Museum of Tabriz. This house is a historical building in one of the oldest quarters of the Tabriz. Amir Nezam House displays all the works of the Qajar period on two floors and 1500 meters.

– Constitutional House of Tabriz

The Constitution House of Tabriz is also known as Khaneh Mashrouteh. This historical edifice is located next to the Great Bazaar of Tabriz, on Motahari Ave. The skylight and the corridor decorated with colorful glass and mirrors are the most beautiful part of the house.

5- Monuments

The historical monuments of Tabriz are the buildings and structures that the rulers and the people of this city have built throughout history. The Tabriz city is historically one of the most ups and downs in Iran.

– Arke Tabriz

Arg of Tabriz is also known as Arg Alishah, Arg-e Alishah, Arch of Alishah, Arg Citadel, and Masjid Ali-Shāh. This monument is the remnants of a large acropolis fortification. You can see Its structure from far distances in downtown Tabriz.

– Bazaar of Tabriz

The Bazaar of Tabriz is one of the oldest bazaars in the Middle East. This Bazaar is the largest covered bazaar in the world too. The bazaar was inscribed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in July 2010.

Last Word

In conclusion, the top 5 sights in Tabriz offer a captivating glimpse into the rich tapestry of Iranian history, culture, and architecture. From the bustling, labyrinthine bazaar that stands as a testament to the city’s historical significance in trade, to the elegant Blue Mosque with its intricate tilework, each site embodies a unique aspect of Tabriz’s heritage. The serene Eynali Mountain provides a natural escape with stunning views, while the Azerbaijan Museum and the Iron Age Museum delve into the region’s deep historical roots. These attractions not only highlight Tabriz’s importance as a cultural and historical hub but also offer visitors an unforgettable journey through the beauty and diversity of one of Iran’s most illustrious cities.

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