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Persian Gulf Islands are among the most popular tourist destinations in Iran. Iran is without a doubt one of the most beautiful countries in the world that with its different attractions, natural and amazing landscapes, different weather conditions and different features has been able to find a special place among tourist destinations. You can easily use car rental in Iran and travel to these beautiful islands. In this article, we want to introduce you to the islands of the Persian Gulf, so join us to take a look at these extraordinary islands and their eye-catching attractions. don’t miss this article.

Top 4 Persian Gulf Islands

The top 4 southern islands include Qeshm, Hormoz, Hengam, and Naz. It is better to be in Hormoz on the first day (a full day) and visit its attractions and spend the next day visiting Qeshm Island, Hengam, and Naz Island. The good thing is that the four southern islands are a short distance apart, and on a four- or five-day trip, you can visit most of their tourist attractions and unwind on their charming beaches. In this article, we will guide you to make a memorable trip.

How to travel to the Persian Gulf islands

To start your exciting journey to the four Persian Gulf islands, you must first reach Bandar Abbas and then from there to these islands. Now the question probably arises for you, what is the best way to travel to Bandar Abbas? The plane is the easiest and fastest option for you, which is also the most expensive option. Your next choice may be to travel by car or bus. If you are traveling from Tehran, you have 1286 km to Bandar Abbas.

Hormoz, the colorful Persian Gulf Islands

When you come to Bandar Abbas, you must reach the port of Shahid Haqqani in this city and go to Hormoz Island by sea boat. The first day was supposed to be a tour of Hormoz, so we will briefly and usefully visit the tourist attractions of Hormoz (one of the four southern islands. Do not waste time and start exploring the island after having a delicious breakfast. The nature of Hormoz is very beautiful and dreamy and has many attractions to surprise you. Let us give you the good news that these sights are a short distance apart, and since Hormoz is a small island, you can even walk around the whole island in 5 to 6 hours. It is also possible to rent a bicycle or have locals drive you around the island by car, tricycle, and van.

Sightseeing on the island of Hormuz

Hormoz is the land of colors between the Persian Gulf Islands. The world-famous Red Coast with its red sand and waves assures you that you have stepped into a pristine land and you are going to get excited at any moment. After a walk on the sands of the beach and enjoying watching it, go to other places in Hormoz. The Silence Valley, the Turtle Beach, the Portuguese Castle, the Dr. Nadalian Museum, and the local bazaar are other tourist attractions of this island between Persian gulf islands.

Food in Hormoz

Undoubtedly, one of the most enjoyable parts of traveling to the Persian Gulf islands is tasting local food, especially fish. You can either get delicious seafood from the locals or go to the island’s restaurants.

Accommodation in Hormoz

To stay in Hormoz, if you are camping in nature and have brought the necessary equipment with you, camping on the beach or in the environment can be a memorable experience for you. Renting local houses on Hormoz Island and staying in the only Hormoz Hotel (Red Beach Hotel) are other options in front of you.

Qeshm Island, the second day in the Persian Gulf Islands

Hormuz is one of the most beautiful Persian gulf islands and it is hard to leave it. However, when you wake up in the morning, you should say goodbye to this island and go to Qeshm with the boats that are at the port of Hormuz to see another four islands of the south and its unique attractions.
Qesm island attractions and sightseeing

Khurbas Cave, Star Valley as a masterpiece of the unique nature of Qeshm, Chahkuh Strait are another part of the most important tourist attractions of Qeshm Island, each of which astonishes you in some way. You can visit all of these in one day. Qeshm beach and sea recreation can also be very enjoyable for you. Walk on the sands of the beach and watch the endless sea while a cool breeze caresses you and immerse yourself in indescribable pleasure.

Naz island

Another Persian Gulf Islands is Naz Island that includes two small rocky islands located near the eastern coast of Qeshm Island. These beautiful and unique islands are about one kilometer away from the beach and it is mentioned as one of the most important tourist attractions in Qeshm. When the sea level is low or the so-called tide has occurred, you can walk one kilometer from the shore to these islands. From the rocky platform of Naz Islands, you will have a beautiful view of Lark Island, the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Hormuz, and the coast of Qeshm. Camel rides on the beach and a variety of water activities such as boating and jet skiing can also increase the enjoyment of your trip to the four southern islands.

Remember to taste the local samosa!

Indeed, local women are sitting around making samosas, do not forget to try those samosas so that the pleasant taste always stays under your tongue. You can also buy handicrafts made of colorful shells as souvenirs.

Accommodation in Qeshm

To stay overnight and stay on Qeshm Island, except for camping in nature, there are various options such as accommodation in eco-tourism accommodation, hotel, suite rental, and private apartment in front of you, which can be selected according to your budget and taste.

Hengam Island, the third day

Start your third day on a trip to the four Persian Gulf Islands islands by visiting Hengam Island and watching its playful dolphins. An island is a place where its unique nature and tranquility amaze you and create good memories for you. It takes about 20 minutes from Kandalooo port to reach the island by boat; Enjoy watching fish and dolphins along the way.

Hengam island attractions

The sandy beaches and cliffs of the island are some of the most important attractions of the island and among them, the silver beach is the most famous. The reason this beach is known as the silver beach of shiny sands is that they have turned silver due to the presence of a mineral. Visiting this beautiful beach will delight you; Do not forget to photograph its spectacular scenery.

The mangrove forests that are on the list of Qeshm’s Seven Wonders and the port of Left (the port of windmills) are other attractions of the four southern islands that you can move to after a short rest and lunch. Watching the sunset from Left beach will be an unforgettable experience for you.

This three-day trip to the four southern islands, of course, is a bit tight considering the two days you are on the way back and forth for five days. But rest assured, there will be so many happy moments on this trip that boredom will not make sense to you.
If you have any memories of traveling to the four southern islands, we would be happy for you to tell us.

Last Word

The Persian Gulf Islands offer a captivating blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and unforgettable experiences for travelers. These islands, including Hormoz, Qeshm, Hengam, and Naz, are like hidden gems waiting to be explored. From the vibrant colors of Hormoz’s Red Coast to the unique landscapes of Qeshm, each island has its own charm and attractions. With easy access from Bandar Abbas and a well-planned itinerary, you can embark on a three-day adventure that promises stunning beaches, exciting wildlife encounters, and cultural discoveries. Don’t miss the chance to savor local cuisine and bring back souvenirs crafted from colorful shells. A trip to these Persian Gulf Islands is sure to leave you with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for Iran’s natural wonders.

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