Peugeot 207 rental without driver

Rental Peugeot 207 ManualPeugeot 207 manual RentalInterior of rental Peugeot 207Peugeot 207 manual for rentRent a Peugeot 207 Manual
اجاره خودرو پژو 207 دنده ای در تهران
اجاره پژو 207 در تهران
کرایه پژو 207 تهران
اجاره خودرو 207 دنده‌ای در تهران

Peugeot 207 Rental in Tehran, Iran Cost

Required Documents for Car Rental in Iran with RentKonim

When renting a Peugeot 207 in Tehran, Iran, with RentKonim, it is essential to have specific documents ready. Below is a comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth rental process.

Required Documents

  • Driver’s License: An international driver’s license or your local driver’s license is required. You can drive for up to six months in Iran with these licenses.
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your visa
  • Copy of your flight ticket

Payment: The rental cost and deposit must be paid in cash.

Conditions for Renting a Peugeot 207 in Tehran, Iran

  • Age Requirement: Renters must be 19 years or older to rent a car without a driver in Iran.
  • Additional Driver: No extra charges for adding an additional driver.

Steps to Rent a Car in Tehran, Iran with RENTKONIM

  1. Choose Your Desired Vehicle
  2. Visit our website and browse through our extensive fleet to select the vehicle that suits your needs.
  3. Contact Us: Reach out to us via WhatsApp or Telegram to inquire about availability and further details.
  4. Provide Required Documents: Submit the necessary documents, such as your driving license, passport, and visa, for verification.
  5. Confirmation: Your car rental request will be confirmed within a maximum of 2 hours.

Rental Peugeot 207 in Iran Specs

Specification Details
Engine 1.6L I4
Power 105 hp
Torque 142 Nm
Transmission 5-speed manual
Fuel Efficiency 6.6 L/100 km
Fuel Type Petrol
Seating Capacity 5
Airbags Driver and Passenger
Infotainment System 7-inch touchscreen
Safety Features ABS, EBD
Boot Capacity 400 liters

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