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Car rental Isfahan is one of the essential services that make your trip to this city more enjoyable. Rentkonim provides a wide range of economic and luxury cars at the lowest price possible for all the tourists who want to visit this magnificent city. As one of the most important tourist cities in Iran, Isfahan hosts many tourists every year. With car rental in Isfahan, you can make sure that you have an easy and comfortable trip in this city. If you are looking for these services in Isfahan, you can check our available cars and choose the one you desire.

Car Rental in Isfahan Price List

Model: 1397
From 1 to 3 days:
50 €
From 7 to 13 days:
45 €
more than 14 days:
40 €
Model: 1398
From 1 to 3 days:
23 €
From 7 to 13 days:
21 €
more than 14 days:
18 €
Model: 2022 – 2019
From 1 to 3 days:
13 €
From 7 to 13 days:
11 €
more than 14 days:
10 €

RENTKONIM's Representations

Minimum age for car rental in Isfahan?

You should be at least 19 years old to rent a car in Isfahan.

What are the required documents to rent a car in Isfahan?

An international driver’s license, passport and plane ticket if you seeking for car rental at airport.

Can I pick-up the rental car in Isfahan and drop-off in another location?

Yes, flexible pick-up and drop-off locations available in Iran.

What should I do in case of accident or car breakdown?

Contact our 24/7 customer service and they will assist you.

Why Car Rental in Isfahan?

Renting a car in Isfahan allows you to create your own itinerary and explore the city at your own pace. You can visit attractions on your schedule without being restricted by public transportation timetables. Isfahan is home to many historical and cultural sites, such as Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Si-o-se-pol Bridge, and the Chehel Sotoun Palace. A rental car in Isfahan provides easy and quick access to these attractions, especially those that are spread out across the city or located in suburban areas. Additionally, rental cars in Isfahan offer a comfortable mode of transport, especially for families, groups, or travelers with lots of luggage. Modern rental cars come equipped with air conditioning, GPS, and other amenities that enhance the travel experience.


Required Documents for Renting a Car in Isfahan with Rentkonim

  • International Driving License: Or a driving license from your country of residence (valid for 6 months after entering Iran).
  • Passport Copy
  • Tourist Visa Copy
  • Plane Ticket: Mandatory if the car is to be delivered at the airport.
  • Deposit: Refundable upon car return.

Car Rental Isfahan Services

  • Rent a car without a driver in Isfahan
  • Rent a car with a driver in Isfahan
  • Rent a van in Isfahan

Car Rental in Isfahan without a Driver

Some people rather drive around the city themselves. They don’t mind not knowing exactly where they are going or they have a good knowledge of Isfahan’s attractions. Renting a car without a driver in Isfahan allows you to stop freely whenever you want to take pictures, eat, or just enjoy the scenery! The most important benefit of car rental without a driver in Isfahan is its privacy. People usually like the privacy of car rentals without drivers.

Car Rental in Isfahan with a Driver

On the other hand, some people like to have a driver who has a good and deep knowledge of the city and can tour them around. They don’t like to tire themselves with driving and maybe even, they don’t have a driver’s license. Besides, when you rent a car with a driver, you no longer have to worry about driving tickets and looking for parking spots, the driver handles everything. In addition, when you rent a car with a driver in Isfahan, you no longer need to pay any deposit too. Since, as I said before, the driver is held responsible for the car and not you.

Rent a Van in Isfahan

Renting a van in Isfahan is the best option for those who have traveled to this stunning city in a group. Van rental in Isfahan for the entire group is generally more cost-effective than renting multiple smaller vehicles. The costs for fuel, tolls, and parking are also consolidated, leading to significant savings. When the costs are divided among all travelers, renting a van in Isfahan becomes an economical choice, making it affordable for each individual.

Advantages of Renting a Car in Isfahan

Free Basic Insurance: We offer many different kinds of insurance for our customers including basic insurance, CDW, and LDW insurance packages. The basic insurance is for free, a gift from Rentkonim to you.

Various Rental Options: Every tourist deserves to have a car and experience driving in that country, take a road trip, and enjoy the scenery. Rentkonim has a wide range of cars to offer, including luxury cars and economy cars. So no matter the budget, you can now find the car that suits your budget and demands the best.

Flexible Pick-up and Drop-off: By renting a car in Isfahan at Rentkonim, you can pick up or drop off your desired vehicle at your designated location whenever you want by specifying the date, time, and location while booking.

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