Why should we travel to Kish Island?

why should we travel to kish island

Kish Island lies in the Persian Gulf and is a part of Bandar Lange City in Hormozgan province. This island’s geographical form resembles an oval, which can be seen clearly in aerial pictures. Other islands surrounding Kish Island are Hondurabi Island, Faroor Island, and Siri Island.

About Kish Island

During the Alexander era, a Greek admiral discovered Kish Island in the 4th century BC. According to historical maps, Kish Island was known as “Qais” during the Qajar era before being renamed “Kish” during the Pahlavi era. Kish means Tirdan, and the name was selected because of the arrow-like heights around Kish.

Kish Island was part of Iran throughout the Parthian, Sassanid, and Achaemenid periods. It was taken from Iran during the Umayyad caliphs but returned to Iran during the Al Boyeh dynasty.

Kish has a land size of around 90 square kilometers and a length of 45 kilometers. Kish has a population of almost 39,000 people, who are friendly and courteous, making mingling with them highly delightful. Kish is home to a considerable portion of Bandar Lange’s inhabitants because it is considered the city’s hub. Kish is home to almost 90% of the Bandar Lange people.

Reasons to Travel to Kish Island

  • Beautiful Beaches: Kish Island offers pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters, perfect for relaxation and water activities.
  • Diverse Marine Life: Ideal for snorkeling and diving, the island’s waters are home to a variety of colorful fish and coral reefs.
  • Luxury Resorts: Stay at world-class resorts and enjoy top-notch amenities and services.
  • Shopping Paradise: Duty-free shopping centers and traditional markets provide a unique shopping experience.
  • Rich History: Visit historical sites such as the ancient Harireh City and the Kish Underground City (Kariz).
  • Recreational Activities: Enjoy a variety of activities, including water sports, cycling, and theme parks.
  • Mild Climate: With a mild climate year-round, Kish Island is a great destination for outdoor activities.
  • Cultural Attractions: Experience Persian culture through local cuisine, traditional music, and art.
  • Safe Environment: Kish Island is known for its safety, making it a family-friendly destination.
  • Accessibility: Easily accessible via direct flights from major cities in Iran and the Persian Gulf region.

You can save money and time by renting a car in Iran and visiting all of the greatest spots on the island and in other cities.

The Culture and Customs of the Kish People

The inhabitants of Kish are warm and kind, and they coexist happily. Native communities from many cultures, ethnicities, faiths, and customs dwell on Kish Island. However, due to the living conditions, these civilizations are quite close. Traditional attire and Dashashe are the forms of clothing worn by the region’s indigenous inhabitants. In addition, different religious holidays with unique ceremonies are observed in Kish.

Henna painting, or tattooing henna on the skin with beautiful and fantastical designs, is quite popular among Kish women and southern ladies in general. This tradition also piques the interest of Kish tour travelers. The Hananagari rite is particularly prevalent at wedding ceremonies in the south on the night of Hanabandan, where they put lovely designs on the bride’s hands and feet. Of course, henna is popular in India and Pakistan as well.

Weather Conditions of Kish Island

Kish’s climate is typically hot and humid, with an average yearly temperature of 27 degrees Celsius. The temperature is extremely hot due to the vertical radiation of the sun in this location, and the humidity on this island is quite high due to the high rate of evaporation of the Persian Gulf. As a result, during the summer, Kish Island in Iran is not a good place for tourism and travel since the heat of the air is particularly irritating for passengers.

The best seasons to visit Kish Island are spring and fall when the monsoons keep the weather mild. The climate of this region is pleasant in winter, and the humidity of the air falls dramatically. Therefore, it can be considered that this region has a mild climate from late October to early spring.

The Best Hotels in Kish

Sorrent Hotel, Dariush Kish Hotel, Eram Hotel, Tarang Hotel, Marina Park Kish Hotel, Flamingo Hotel, and Shayan Kish Hotel are among the most luxurious and expensive options for Kish hotel reservations. Shayan, Jam, Sadat, Venus, Shaygan, Kish Hotel, Holiday, and Shabawiz are among the other good and affordable hotels in Kish.

At the very least, hiring a car is the best way to see all of the lovely sites on this island. Use our firm to hire your preferred vehicle and begin your adventure to the historical sites on Kish Island.

Last Words

In conclusion, Kish Island, with its rich history and welcoming culture, offers a unique experience in the heart of the Persian Gulf. From its ancient origins dating back to the Alexander era to its modern-day status as a vibrant hub, Kish Island has much to offer. Its diverse population reflects a harmonious blend of cultures, making it an inviting destination for travelers.

While the island’s climate can be challenging during the hot summer months, spring and fall provide pleasant conditions for exploration. Whether you choose to stay in luxury hotels like Sorrent or Dariush Kish, or opt for more budget-friendly options, Kish has accommodations to suit various preferences.

To make the most of your visit and explore all the beautiful sites on Kish Island, consider renting a car through our services. With the freedom of a car rental, you can embark on a memorable journey to discover the island’s historical treasures and natural beauty.

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