Top 8 restaurants in the capital of Iran

top 8 restaurant in tehran

If you want to travel to Tehran, you can use a car rental in Tehran and save your money and your time together. On the other hand, you can visit all the perfect places in this city with your rental car. It may be very difficult to choose a good restaurant in Tehran, where there are restaurants and eateries on every street.

Hani restaurant complex, combining originality and modern style

Hani Parseh restaurant is located on Beheshti St. in Tehran. A variety of Iranian dishes such as kebab, sour cherry, laploo stuffing, kebab chicken, etc. are served in it. The quality of food and service in Hani Parseh restaurant is good and remarkable. The food at this restaurant is self-service and guests can choose their favorite dishes and ask the staff to serve them to them. You can visit this restaurant with your family or your friends.

Sharaf al-Islami restaurant, in the heart of old Tehran

Sharaf al-Islami restaurant in Tehran is one of the most famous restaurants in the capital’s Grand Bazaar, which was established in 1317 by one of the famous merchants of the Qajar period named Haj Hassan Sharaf al-Islami. Sharaf al-Islami restaurant started operating from that time and became very popular among the bazaars. Gradually, this popularity increased so much that the reputation of this restaurant spread among the people and it so happened that people came to this restaurant from all over Tehran.

Milad Tower Battalion Restaurant; A combination of Iranian and Foreign culture

The revolving restaurant of the tower is located at a height of 276 meters in Milad Tower, so customers will have a beautiful view of Tehran and the surrounding mountains. It is also interesting to know that Milad Tower’s revolving restaurant also has a revolving section, which rotates 360 degrees every hour so that customers can see the whole of Tehran once without changing their table.

Kubaba Restaurant

Kubaba Restaurant in Tehran has different branches, which include Kubaba Restaurant, Chitgar Lake, Kubaba Lavasan Restaurant, Kubaba Restaurant, Gharb Town, and Kubaba Jordan Restaurant.

Moslem restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Tehran

Moslem restaurant is one of the busiest restaurants in the big bazaar, which is the reason for the crowds and of course the people waiting for the delicious food that they get. In Moslem restaurants, the quality of food is excellent and the shape of the food is tempting. The restaurant is known for its unique bottom, and although it is crowded, everything is prepared very quickly.

Narenjestan International and Famous Restaurant

Narenjestan restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Tehran, which is located in the Saadatabad neighborhood and Tehran Heights. This restaurant, which was established in 2006, forms the eleventh and twelfth floors of the cypress tower and has a unique view of the city of Tehran. On the eleventh floor, Persian food is served and on the twelfth floor, it is dedicated to serving authentic Iranian food.

Barbod Traditional Restaurant and Dining Room

One of the best restaurants in Tehran is Barbod. The beautiful, traditional, and Persian building of the restaurant, along with the live music that is performed in this place at night, has created an atmosphere that brings you closer to your roots. In Barbod, in addition to Daisy – which is the popular dish of this restaurant – a variety of stews as well as kebabs are served with rice.

Senso Italian Restaurant Tehran

Senso Italian restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Tehran, which is evidenced by the presence of many customers at any time of the day. Senso Cafe Restaurant Cafe, by providing a calm and pleasant environment for customers, tries to create memorable moments for them. The menu of this restaurant includes a variety of hot and cold drinks, pizzas, sandwiches, appetizers, main dishes, and special plates, from which it seems a little difficult to choose from several tempting meals; but anyone can order their desired food according to their taste. You can visit this restaurant at different times and enjoy your time there.

Tehran has perfect restaurants that you have to visit theme even for once. After traveling to this city, don’t miss these restaurants and make the best memory for your family and yourself.

Last Word

Tehran, the bustling capital of Iran, offers a rich culinary scene with a wide array of dining options. Whether you’re craving traditional Persian dishes, international flavors, or a unique dining experience with panoramic views, Tehran has it all. From the historic charm of Sharaf al-Islami to the modern elegance of Milad Tower’s revolving restaurant, the city caters to diverse tastes. Moslem Restaurant’s delicious food and quick service make it a must-visit spot in the Grand Bazaar. Narenjestan and Barbod offer a blend of Persian tradition and contemporary dining. Senso Italian Restaurant adds an international touch to Tehran’s culinary landscape. With car rental services available, exploring these culinary gems becomes even more convenient. Tehran’s restaurants promise not just a meal but a memorable experience for both locals and travelers.