top Iranian food: Bottom of the pot (crispy fried rice)

top Iranian food

The Iranian table is a colorful table and the food culture of this land is also very rich. In different regions of Iran, according to the available facilities, various local dishes are prepared. Iran is the best place for you to try new food and enjoy a new taste. Iranians are popular for their excellent cuisine. In addition, what you will notice during your trip to Iran is the variety of foods they have. Looking at the geographical location of Iran, you will easily understand why there are so many different foods in this country. So pack your thing, and take some tickets. The bottom of the pot is the soul of Iranian food and cuisine. It is a crisp and golden layer of rice that forms the bottom of the rice pot. The pot is considered food waste and you can eat it by hand. It’s one of the best Iranian food.

one of the best Iranian food

Vegetable stew ( Ghorme sabzi)

Qormeh Sabzi is the most popular Iranian stew among Iranian and international tourists and can be found in almost every restaurant menu. Vegetable broth stew is prepared with many fragrant vegetables, onions, Omani lemons, red beans (in some parts of Iran, pinto beans and white beans), and minced meat of mutton, beef, or lamb. The secret of a delicious vegetable is like many Iranian dishes when it is cooked. The lower the heat and the longer the time you cook the stew, the more embedded and tastier it becomes. The vegetable broth is eaten with plain rice or saffron, and the experience of eating it will surely be interesting and attractive for foreigners as well. If you want to enjoy this delicious food, you can connect with the rentkonim website and rent a car. When you travel to this country, you can visit the perfect restaurant in your favorite car.

popular food of any Iranian


Fosanjan stew is prepared from ground walnuts, pomegranate paste, and chicken or dumplings. This stew, like vegetable broth, must be cooked on low heat for hours to set. In different parts of Iran, this stew is made in different ways, and in some places, it is made sourer, others add smoothie and some a little sugar to the food to make it completely sweet.


Zereshk polo

Eggplant is one of the most popular foods in Iran. Few people do not like the unique taste of eggplant. This is a delicious stew that is cooked from fried eggplant with tomatoes and meat, served with rice and with stone bread and vegetables that anyone who tries it once will fall in love with its taste.

the best and the most Iranian dishes

Gheymeh stew

Meat and chickpeas are the main ingredients of stew. Tomato paste, onions, and spices are also added during cooking. Fry the stew with potatoes and serve in small slices.

one local Iranian food

Zereshk polo

Iranians love sour flavors. Cranberries and barberry, which are red, are very sour. A traditional brass dish is filled with brass covered with barberry. This rice is cooked with butter, which helps to soften the barberry. Beh, rhubarb, green tomatoes, sour oranges, lemons, Omani lemons, cherries, tambourines, sumac, and pomegranates are the foods used in Iranian cuisine that give them a special and delicious taste.

another popular Iranian food

Albaloo polo

Sour cherries with a beautiful and colorful appearance that have parliamentary dishes and are served at many parties and formal occasions. Sour cherry pilaf is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes and it is made with both red meat (meatballs) and chicken. Making cherry pilaf requires skill and not everyone can make it well.


the best Iranian food

Baghali polo

In Iranian cuisine, rice can be cooked with butter and saffron, which is called Chelo, and it can also be cooked with other vegetables called pilaf. Rice can be eaten with plants, vegetables, beans, nuts, dried fruits, meat, and even cooked noodles and make up the bulk of the food. The best time to cook bean pilaf is spring when the bean is young and the dill is fresh. This dish is full of dill and beans and is usually served with thin slices of lamb. It is even served with bony lamb. Rice should have a saffron flavor due to the saffron added to it just before serving.

one of the best Iranian food

Lobia polo

Bean pilaf is one of the most delicious Iranian dishes that is served especially. Bean pilaf is usually eaten with the bottom of a pot of bread or potatoes, Shirazi salad, vegetables, and yogurt, which is a very tasty combination. To make pilaf beans, combine chopped green beans with meat, onions, tomato paste, and various spices and place over a gentle heat until cooked through and ready. This food is so popular in Iran. You can eat this food in each city of this country

Iranian food

Chicken barbecue

Iranians love meat and in most Iranian dishes there is chicken or mutton and beef. One of the most delicious meat dishes is grilled chicken, which is grilled on charcoal and is very tasty. One of the traditions of the Iranians is that when they go to nature for camping, they must take the necessary ingredients for preparing grilled chicken and grill the chicken on charcoal and fire! Grilled chicken is eaten with grilled tomatoes, saffron rice, and butter, which is a very tasty combination.

best Iranian food

What is the most traditional food of Iran

The broth is one of the most traditional foods in Iran. Broth can be cooked and served in pots of stone dishes. It is called Daisy. Whether it is broth or daisy, you should try these local dishes when traveling to Iran. This food has been cooked for many years and therefore its ingredients and instructions have changed in different parts of Iran. In different cities of Iran, they have their ingredients and recipes for cooking broth and daisies.

The diversity of our Iranian food is so great that it responds to different tastes and in addition to food diversity, some foods are prepared and cooked in different lines with different flavors and methods. For this reason, you can prepare a variety of Persian food for main meals or snacks and enjoy eating it.

Last Words

Iran’s rich food culture offers a delightful array of flavors and traditions, making it a culinary paradise for adventurous palates. Each region of Iran boasts its own unique dishes, showcasing the country’s diverse culinary heritage. From the crispy golden layer at the bottom of the rice pot, known as “Tahdig,” to the savory delights of Ghorme Sabzi, Fesenjan, Zereshk Polo, Gheymeh Stew, Albaloo Polo, Baghali Polo, Lobia Polo, and Chicken Barbecue, Iranian cuisine is a captivating journey of taste and tradition. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor these delectable dishes on your trip to Iran, and be sure to explore the local variations and ingredients that add a distinctive flair to each culinary masterpiece. Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply seeking new culinary adventures, Iran’s vibrant food scene promises a feast for the senses. Bon appétit!

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