Shiraz travel guide

Shiraz is one of those cities that has a narrative in every corner; From the heaven-like gardens to the poetry and literature that have been revived by great people like Hafez and Saadi to the glamorous history of Persepolis and Pasargadae. It seems that the beauty of Shiraz is also effective in the good taste of its people. With these descriptions for tourists, Shiraz is a paradise that should be immersed in its sights. Rentkonim car rental in Iran gathered the ultimate Shiraz travel guide for you. you can find all the information you’ll need for traveling to this city here. so stay with us.

Shiraz travel guide: How to go to Shiraz?

in this part of our Shiraz travel guide, we are going to introduce you to all the ways you can take to go to Shiraz.

Travel to Shiraz by car

traveling to Shiraz by car is a great option based on our Shiraz travel guide. You can stop wherever you want; rest and continue on your way again. Also, the cities that you will pass on the way are worth a few minutes’ stop and a spin. For example, Isfahan, Kashan, and Shahreza are among the cities located on the way from Tehran to Shiraz. if you want to start your trip from Tehran, you can rent a car there or you can just use car rental in Shiraz for traveling in the city.

Travel to Shiraz by bus

Many people choose the bus from Tehran or other cities to Shiraz. Buses are cheaper than trains and planes. But it also has its difficulties. Because it is no longer up to you to decide when and where to stop. If you want to choose this way, you can buy a Shiraz bus ticket which is available in most cities of Iran. For example, in Tehran, Shiraz buses take you to the southern, western, and Beyhaqi terminals and take you to your destination in about 12 hours.

Travel to Shiraz by train

Many also prefer to go to Shiraz by train and enjoy the beauty of the route as much as they can. The good news for those interested in traveling by train is that you can travel to Shiraz from the most important cities in Iran such as Tehran, Tabriz, Isfahan, and Mashhad. The length of the route varies and the choice of train type is up to you. But if you take the train from Tehran to Shiraz, you should be about 15 hours away.

Travel to Shiraz by plane

Buying a plane ticket to Shiraz is another way to travel to this city, which is faster, easier, and more expensive compared to the above methods. You can fly to Shiraz from most cities in Iran; For example, from Tehran to this city, it will take about 1 hour. While the variety of airlines offering flights to Shiraz is also high; From Iran Air and Mahan to Kish Air and Zagros. 

Shiraz travel guide: Where to stay in Shiraz?

Shiraz as one of the important destinations of Iran has many hotels and apartment hotels. Fortunately, the number of five-star and four-star hotels in this city is a lot. Of course, friendly and cheap hotels should not be neglected. However, you can choose any type of hotel you want according to your preferences.

in our Shiraz travel guide, we recommend choosing old guesthouses and hostels.

Where to visit in Shiraz? | Shiraz attractions

As mentioned in the introduction of our Shiraz travel guide; Shiraz owes its attractions both to history and to poetry and nature. For a city that has long been the capital of Iran, It is not strange that there are historical monuments and eye-catching gardens. In introducing these attractions, we will first talk to you about the famous sights of Shiraz and then we will go to those whose names you may have less or never heard.

Shiraz Gardens; Paradise on the earth

Golshan or Afif Abad garden in a street of the same name, in the middle of which an old mansion stands tall, casts a shadow on the face of the large garden pond. Delgosha Garden is known as the most beautiful among its counterparts. The orange trees, the scent of which enchants passers-by in spring, and the beautiful water features give this garden a transcendental look. Eram Garden on Eram Street is also a world of diverse plants. orange and rose trees, known to the smells of Shiraz, are everywhere in these gardens. And Jahan Nama garden, in which the octagonal mansion is located and at one time was famous for its beauty as the adornment of the world.

Monuments and tombs

There are many relics left from the past in Shiraz. From the tomb of Hafez, in the southern part of the Quran Gate, Saadiyeh; The tomb of the great Iranian poet and neighbor of Delgosha Garden, Karim Khan Citadel in the northeast of Shohada Square, which is a great monument of Zandieh era to Persepolis with its spectacular palaces. Of course, the Persepolis complex is located in Marvdasht and is 60 km away from Shiraz. Let’s not forget about the tomb of Cyrus the Great, Pasargadae.

Shiraz travel guide: What to eat in Shiraz and where?

Exploring the wonderful attractions of Shiraz will whet your appetite more than before. Choosing a good restaurant and ordering a delicious meal can complete the pleasure of the tour. the best restaurants in Shiraz based on our Shiraz travel guide are:

  • Haft Khan Restaurant
  • Sufi Restaurant
  • Ghavam Traditional Restaurant Cafe
  • Brentin Restaurant

Shiraz travel guide: Where to buy in Shiraz?

  • Vakil bazaar
  • Sarai Moshir
  • Haji Bazaar

Shiraz travel guide: What to buy in Shiraz?

the last but not the least part of our Shiraz travel guide is about souvenirs. Shiraz has so many delicious sweets that few people leave the city without them; Sweets that are famous both for their name and their taste. Muscat, Shirazi Yokheh, which is called Kak among the people of Kermanshah, Shirazi rice cakes, Shirazi halva, and of course burnt almonds are just some of the delicious and glazed foods of this city. Shirazi juices such as spring orange, burdock, and rose can not be ignored. In addition, the people of Shiraz also have a hand in art and make their handicrafts from engraving and inlay to inlay and enamel as souvenirs for the city’s travelers

Last Word

Explore the captivating city of Shiraz, where history, poetry, and natural beauty converge to create an unforgettable experience. This comprehensive Shiraz travel guide provides insights into transportation options, accommodation choices, must-visit attractions, delectable dining spots, and souvenir shopping. From its lush gardens and historical monuments to the poetry of Hafez and Saadi, Shiraz offers a rich tapestry of experiences for travelers to immerse themselves in. Whether you’re exploring its enchanting gardens or delving into its fascinating history, Shiraz has something to enchant every visitor.