5 reasons to visit the first Christian church

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Most people ask about Qarah church or the Church of St. Thaddeus they say “Surp Thaddeus Wank” in the Armenian language. This old church is in Western Azerbaijan.

This church is located 20 km from Chaldoran and together with the two churches “Zour Zour” and “San Stepanos”, are considered one of the world heritage sites of Iran. You can visit this perfect church and know about the story behind it.

The history of Qarah church

This church is built on the tomb of Tataeus, who was an apostle of Jesus Christ. Tataeus traveled to the country around 40 AD at the invitation of Abkar, the king of Armenia, to preach Christianity. After the death of Alkar, a man named Sanadruk comes to the kingdom. He and his daughter, San Dokht, converted to Christianity, but San Dokht left the religion shortly after and opposed Tataeus. In 66 AD, Tataeus, along with San Dokht and several others, were arrested by order of the king and killed after being tortured, and Tataeus is buried in the church’s current location. Later, a small chapel was built on his grave, and in the seventh century AD, this chapel became a large church.

You can travel to this church and visit all the perfect places there. For the best experience, you can visit there on tour.

Qarah Church Ceremony

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is highly sacred among Armenians. Many of them take their children to this church for baptism, where they celebrate, offer sacrifices of sheep, and ask God and Jesus Christ for their prayers.

In this church, every year from the end of July to the beginning of August, which coincides with the martyrdom of St. Tataeus, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ (PBUH); a religious service is held under the name of “Badarak” or the Lord’s Supper, and Christians perform prayers and sacrifices while visiting the tomb of Tataeus. The service is held from Thursday to Saturday, and it is believed that the monk buried in the church died on one of these three days of the year. The peak of the ceremony is on the third day (Saturday)

Participation in this ceremony is free for Christians and most Armenians from far and near Iran, including the cities of Urmia, Tabriz, Tehran, Isfahan, and other countries such as Armenia, Syria, Lebanon, the Netherlands, France, Austria, Germany, and Canada in this Ceremonies are attended.

When is the right time to visit Qara Church?

West Azerbaijan is one of the cold regions. Therefore, the best time you can travel to this province is spring and summer. Note that if you are not a Christian, you will not be allowed to visit on Christian days. But on other days, it is open to everyone. So pack your thing and start your travel.

The land of Azerbaijan is one of the most historical regions of Iran, which has many ancient monuments. Visiting the historic church of Tataeus or Qarah Church can have its special attraction for tourism. You can visit this place and all the other perfect places in this city and make a different memory for yourself and other people that you travel with them.

Last Words

In conclusion, the Qarah Church, also known as the Church of St. Thaddeus, stands as a remarkable testament to history and faith in Western Azerbaijan, Iran. This ancient church, along with its compelling history and annual ceremonies, offers a unique experience for visitors, especially during the sacred Badarak ceremony. To make the most of your journey, consider traveling during the pleasant seasons of spring and summer, and be sure to respect the church’s Christian days if you plan to visit. As you explore the rich historical region of West Azerbaijan, including the Qarah Church, you’ll create enduring memories and gain a deeper appreciation for Iran’s cultural and religious heritage.