Nol Cards in Dubai

nol card in dubai

Public transportation systems in all countries have greatly reduced transportation costs. Especially in cities that face problems such as traffic, using them is very helpful. If you are planning to travel to Dubai, you should get familiar with a useful thing that you can use in Dubai for your public transportation. In this article, we are going to talk about Nol cards, an electronic card that you should prepare for your transportation. Stay with us.

Transportation in Dubai

The government of Dubai has been preparing electronic cards called Nol cards since 2009 to make the Dubai transportation system easier to use, and now these Nol cards are the only way to pay and use these devices. If you want to use car rental in Dubai services, you won’t need this card but if you prefer public transportation, you will probably need it.
Even foreign tourists can easily use these cards while traveling to Dubai. In the following, we will fully explain how to prepare a Nol card, its price, and its benefits.

What is a Nol card?

Nol cards can not only be used in subways and buses but also can be used in trams and Dubai maritime transport. So, if you travel to Dubai, you must get one of these Nol card types to use its public transportation.

Types of Nol cards

There are four types of these cards that are sold in Dubai, each of which has a different color and offers you different possibilities. In general, it can be said that the characteristics of each Nol card will be different depending on the color and type of seat in the transportation system.

Red Nol cards

The Nol red card costs 2 dirhams and is very suitable for people whose journey is short. These Nol cards cannot be recharged and the duration of their use is up to ninety days.

Red Nol cards can only be used for one type of public transport. This means that you cannot use the bus and subway services at the same time. They are also used ten times.

Silver Nol Cards

The silver Nol card is more durable than the red type and is made of plastic. With these Nol cards, you can use all kinds of public transportation at the same time and repeatedly. In recent years, the possibility of paying taxi fares has been added to these Nol cards.

The cost of a silver Nol card is 25 dirhams, of which six dirhams is the price of the card itself. These null cards are valid for five years and you can charge them up to one thousand dirhams.

Golden Nol Cards

The gold Nol card has almost the same features as the silver type. With this Nol card, you can use the first class of the subway and other means of transportation.

You may be interested to know that Dubai’s public transportation system has a first-class section. In this section, the seat material and the space between the passengers are more stylish. The cost of a gold Nol card is 25 dirhams, of which six dirhams are for the card itself. It is important to note that when using a gold Nol card, your card will be charged more.

Blue Nol Cards

In the blue Nol card, the identities of the people and their photos are specified. This type of card is mostly provided by Dubai citizens or people who want to stay in Dubai for a long time. Identity makes it easy to find this card if it is lost.

Also, if your car breaks, you can replace it with another card. The cost of using these zero cards is the same as the silver Nol card.

Nol card cost

The cost of using the transportation system in Dubai is quite clear. The cost of these cards varies depending on the number of neighborhoods you pass and the type of Nol card you use.

It should be noted that only the cost of taxis and sea vehicles are different and other Modes such as trams, buses, and subways have the same payment pattern.

How to buy and charge a Nol card

There are 5 ways to buy or charge these cards, which we will mention in the following.

  1. Buy Nol silver card from RTA sales representatives
  2. Purchase automatic devices that are located in the city and metro stations. Using these devices, red and silver Nol cards can be prepared.
  3. Purchase from the RTA customer service center
  4. Purchase and charge from ticket sales centers in metro and bus stations
  5. Preparing blue Nol card from the site.

Last Words

In conclusion, Dubai’s Nol cards are essential companions for seamless public transportation in the city. These electronic cards simplify travel by granting access to subways, buses, trams, and maritime transport. For tourists and residents alike, Nol cards come in four types: Red, Silver, Golden, and Blue, each with its unique features and benefits. From short journeys with Red cards to the luxurious First Class access with Golden cards, there’s an option for every traveler. Nol cards can be purchased or charged at various locations, making them accessible and convenient. When visiting Dubai, having a Nol card in your pocket ensures a hassle-free and cost-effective transportation experience.