10 luxury entertainments of Dubai


People from the farthest cities come to Dubai for luxury and new entertainment! In recent years, and as Dubai has grown, the coordination of urban space design engineers and investors in the entertainment industry has made the city so attractive and spectacular that it is almost impossible to list any of the entertainments on your favorites list. He did not find luxury entertainments in Dubai. Today we want to introduce you to all the things you can do to have a luxurious and different trip in Dubai. Everyone who travels to Dubai expects to experience the thrill of the most diverse pastimes, and as a result promises to: He will surely have fun on this trip! Then join us on a tour to introduce you to the luxury entertainments of Dubai together.

See Dubai from above with a helicopter tour

Helicopter rides are one of the luxury pastimes of Dubai that we recommend you to experience. Many Dubai hotels, especially 5-star hotels, have helicopters, so they offer different helicopter tours. Usually, these helicopters pass by Burj Al Arab and follow their path through Palm Islands, coastline, Jumeirah Beach and Burj Khalifa.

helicopter tours in Dubai

Tips on Dubai Helicopter Tour

  • To board a helicopter, you must be pre-registered and have a copy of your passport with you.
  • Helicopters usually have 3 windows and 6 seats.
  • The duration of this trip is 15 to 25 minutes.
  • The start time of the helicopter tour is from 11 am to 5 pm.
  • You must be in the area 45 minutes before the start of the flight.
  • To take a selfie, you must coordinate with the person in charge of the helicopter.
  • In this air tour, a personal guide will accompany you.
helicopter tour in Dubai

Excitement Driving with luxury cars in Dubai

Riding in luxury cars in Dubai and wandering the streets of this city in a different style and context is another type of luxury entertainments in Dubai that you can do in this city. To rent a classic car like a Rolls-Royce with a driver, or not to drive a Bugatti, Lamborghini or Ferrari like a professional driver; Your hands are wide open!

car rental in Dubai

Tips on renting luxury cars in Dubai

  • If you want to drive yourself, read the Dubai traffic laws before you get in the car.
  • Dubai police closely monitor the speed of luxury cars.
  • Before receiving the car, check the health of the body and its technical aspects.
  • To use car rental in Dubai, you need to provide a photo of your passport and certificate in addition to your personal information.
car rental in Dubai

Get acquainted with the deserts of this city in Dubai safari tour

The most well-known among Dubai luxury entertainment is various desert tours and safari tours. The deserts of this city with their hot and golden sands host Aphrodite cars such as Range Rover, Capra, Land Cruiser and many cars with 2 differential power that the excitement of speeding in the sand to those who bought this tour. Do, give gifts. Some of Dubai Off-road tours are round the clock and you can spend the night in the desert with luxurious facilities. By the way, you can get more information about Dubai Safari in the article with the same title.

safari in Dubai

Remember these tips about Dubai Safari

  • On this tour, they will usually serve you several meals for lunch.
  • Sunscreen, sun hat, smoked glasses, insect repellent ointment, binoculars, thermos, proper clothing, a few chocolate packs and the like are some of the items you will need on a safari tour.
  • Puppet show, fire show, BBQ Diner are some of the programs that are done during the Dubai safari.
safari in Dubai

Swim with dolphins in Dubai!

There are usually many places in the resort town that act as dolphinariums, but few places like Atlantis Palm Dubai allow you to swim with dolphins or sea lions.

Swim with dolphins in Dubai

Tips on Atlantis Palm Dubai Dolphinarium

  • The atmosphere of this place is completely family and is suitable for children.
  • Admission is different for children and adults.
  • Views of this collection are different and varied.
swim with dolphins in Dubai

Emirates Golf Club, the most different sports complex in the world!

The Emirates Golf Club is located in Dubai and is considered as the first luxury amusement park in the Middle East. The club opened in 1988 and is now one of the city’s most luxurious sports complexes.

There are 2 standard lawns in this complex, which according to international standards, have 18 holes each. In this complex in addition to the golf course; Large indoor halls, sports equipment store, tennis court, restaurant, fitness center, sports school and squash. You can also get to know the other attractions of this city by writing an article entitled Dubai Attractions of the lesser-known type.

emirates golf club

Important points about Emirates Golf Club

  • Since this club is known in the list of the top 100 golf training institutes in the world, if you want to open golf professionally and internationally; We suggest you try this collection.
  • For information about Emirates Golf Club programs, you can visit the official website of the Emirates Golf Club of this collection.
emirates golf club

Flying with Sky Diving Dubai

To jump from high altitudes in Dubai, you will be taken to the highest point of the city in the most standard way possible, following the safety rules, and thus, with a trainer, you will start a short journey in the sky. Dubai Skydiving usually takes place next to Palm Jumeirah and Dubai Marina.

sky diving in Dubai

Tips on Sky Diving Dubai

  • Before doing this exercise, you should train in Palm Jumeirah Sky Diving Complex.
  • How you land in Sky Diving is very important.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • The maximum weight for doing this exercise is 100 kg for men and 90 kg for women.
  • Any illness or complication you have should be reported to the authorities of this sport.
sky diving in Dubai

Polo with Dubai camel, a traditional game of local people

Camel polo is a traditional Arabic game whose name is among the luxury entertainments in Dubai. This game is like polo, with the difference that camels are used instead of horses in Dubai. All the camels that are considered for this game have received sufficient training. Usually, 2 coaches train them professionally for 1 hour daily. The rules of the game are that each player has a camel and each camel has a coach who has the task of guiding it during the game.

polo with camels in Dubai

Tips on the sport of Camel Polo

  • For this game, you have to form 2 groups of 4 people.
  • This game is 1 hour.
  • The minimum age to play this game is 16 years old.
  • You will be given all the necessary equipment and a polo dress.
  • They will train you before the game.
  • To play this game, you have to act in the morning.
polo with camels in Dubai

Experience peace at sea with Dubai Cruise Tour

Dubai Cruise Tour with Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah has become one of Dubai’s luxury pastimes. Usually during the Dubai cruise tour, travelers can have fun on the cruise deck and have a good dinner with music.

cruise tour in Dubai

Tips on Dubai Cruise Tour

  • On this tour, dinner is usually buffet style.
  • Its duration is 3 hours.
  • Life jackets are provided for ship passengers.
  • Admission for children under 3 is usually free.
  • You can also go fishing during this tour.
  • The best time for a Dubai cruise tour is when there are various festivals like fireworks in the city.
  • Around the cruise ships, the patrol team patrols with jet skis and life jackets.
cruise tour in Dubai

Drive on the water of the car!

One of the luxury pastimes of Dubai, which is for the rich people of this city, is riding on water. Fans usually ride amphibious cars or special jet skis on the water and ride on the water, this time like on the ground. You can use underwater jet skis or Seabreache instead of amphibious cars.

drive on water in Dubai

Have your dinner on the roof of Burj Al Arab

There are many different restaurants in Dubai, many of which are even star-studded and internationally classy, but none of them can reach the Burj Al Arab restaurant on the roof of this complex. Located on the tower landing strip, this 360-degree view of the city and its overpriced and first-class cuisine is one of Dubai’s luxury pastimes.

burj al arab

More luxury entertainments in Dubai

In this article, we have introduced 10 of the best luxury entertainments in Dubai that you can do here. Have you ever experienced any of them? Please share your opinion and experience with us.

Last Words

Dubai, a city of opulence and extravagance, offers a plethora of luxurious entertainment options that redefine the meaning of extravagance. From exhilarating helicopter tours providing breathtaking aerial views to cruising along the picturesque Dubai Marina, the city ensures an unforgettable experience. For car enthusiasts, the chance to drive iconic luxury cars like Rolls-Royce, Bugatti, Lamborghini, or Ferrari is a dream come true. Adventurous souls can embark on thrilling desert safaris and even swim with dolphins at Atlantis Palm Dubai. The Emirates Golf Club adds a touch of elegance to sports, while skydiving over iconic landmarks creates a rush like no other. Camel polo and underwater jet skis provide unique, culturally rich experiences. Finally, dining atop the Burj Al Arab, with its unparalleled views, epitomizes Dubai’s commitment to luxury. Dubai beckons, promising a world of extravagance and excitement that awaits those seeking a truly lavish getaway.

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