Where is the only Iranian island in the Caspian Sea?

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The green province of Golestan is full of heartwarming and colorful natural attractions, and a trip to each of them opens new windows of adventure for tourists. Ashuradeh Island is located in the center of the Miankaleh Peninsula in the port city of Turkmenistan and is the only Iranian island on the Caspian Sea. Unfortunately, in the past centuries, following the actions and activities of human groups, this junction was separated from its main landmass by digging canals, and in 1975, it was introduced and registered as one of the first biosphere regions in the world.

Where is Ashuradeh?

The north is not about famous small and big islands and tourists, and if you want to travel to the attractive islands by motorboat or some cars in the north of Iran, you will have no destination other than Ashuradeh. You can use a car rental in Iran for visiting the north and after that, you can go to Ashuradeh by motorboat and enjoy your trip there.

Ashuradeh was introduced and registered in 1975 as one of the first biosphere regions in the world. At the same time, in the Ramsar International Convention, it was among the most important wetlands in the world, and the third importance of this region is its membership in the wildlife sanctuary, which hosts a variety of birds all year round 40% Iranian caviar is obtained near this island.


History of Ashuradeh Island

Ashuradeh Island has an adventurous history. The island has always been considered throughout history due to its geographical location as well as the natural habitat location of the island.

Ashuradeh was the island of “Abscon” to which Sultan Mohammad Kharazmshah fled during the Mongol invasion of Iran and died in 1220 AD due to illness on the same island. Ashuradeh was considered a hunting ground during the Safavid period and built courts, forts, and castles to live on the island.

In 1781, Vanovich planned to build a new trading post and a military base to support it in the Anzan region, far from Turkmenistan; but with the opposition of Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar, it did not come to fruition. Following the wars between Russia and Iran, which eventually led to the signing of the Treaty of Golestan and Turkmenchay during the reign of Fath Ali Shah, the Russians were given a good opportunity.


Ashuradeh under water

In the past, part of the island drowned and never came up again! The fact is that this area used to be three islands, two of which were submerged and only one remained. Of course, this island also had an area of ​​1,200 hectares until a few years ago; but floods and rising sea levels left only 400 hectares. The same events and the flood that followed caused the people to leave the island forever. That is why now everyone who travels to this area describes it as uninhabited. No one can be found in this area except fishermen, fishery staff, and some tourists. They also leave the island at sunset


Ashuradeh flora and fauna

Ashuradeh Island is better known as a wetland that hosts many migratory birds. Sour raspberry bushes as well as sour pomegranate trees and car thorns are part of the island’s vegetation. Animal species in this spectacular area include fish, rabbits, foxes, and partridges. So, you can go to this island and visit all the things that we talk about.

The name of Ashuradeh Island

Ashuradeh, Ashur Adeh or Ashir Adasi in the Turkmen language, has two parts Ashir (Assyrian) and Ada (island) and means “Assyrian Island”. The island is also known among the Turkmen as “Mal Ashir”; because, in the distant past, Ashuradeh was of special importance to Turkmen herders. They took their cattle from the shore by boat to graze on the island in the past. In Turkmen, “mal” means “livestock” and “ashir” means “delivery”.

The reason for the economic importance of Ashuradeh

Ashuradeh Island has the largest share of caviar exports. In other words, 40% of the caviar produced in Iran is exported from this island to other parts of Iran and the world. Ashuradeh caviar is the best caviar in the world that is world-famous. In addition to caviar, high-quality northern fish such as carp, whitefish, kale, ozone, mung bean, fillet, and sturgeon are caught on this island.


Sights of Ashuradeh Island

This island has the best places for visiting. These places are:

  • Wooden bridge of the island
  • Triangular castle; Monument to the Russian occupation
  • Safavid fortresses of Ashuradeh

At least, when you visit there, you can go to these places too and take some pictures and know about Iranian history.

To reach Ashuradeh Island in Golestan, you have to go to Turkmen port, which if you move from Tehran, you have about 387 km ahead. The route you should take is from Firoozkooh road to Qaemshahr, Sari, and then to Behshahr, and after that, you will go to Gulogah and Kordkoy and then you will enter Turkmen port, from the port of Turkmen port you can go to Ashuradeh by boat.

Last Word

Ashuradeh Island, nestled in the Caspian Sea, stands as the sole Iranian island in this vast body of water. Located in the heart of the Miankaleh Peninsula within the port city of Turkmenistan, Ashuradeh Island boasts a rich history and unique natural beauty. It has been designated as one of the world’s first biosphere regions and holds a special place in international wetlands conservation efforts. The island’s diverse flora and fauna, historical significance, and economic importance, particularly as a hub for caviar production, make it a fascinating destination for travelers seeking both natural wonders and cultural heritage.

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