Cultural attractions of Tehran (2023)

cultural attraction of tehran

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The most important historical places of Iran

Iranian architecture helps the rich history of this country and together they evoke a utopia from the rich culture of the Persians. Ornamental tiles and clever engineering masterpieces show the power of Iranian architecture for centuries.

Iran’s most popular tourist attractions and historical sites

  •  Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan

This majestic mosque, which is considered a masterpiece of Iranian architecture in the Safavid period, dates back to the seventeenth century AD and has gained popularity and fame due to the presence of delicate tiles and intricate carpets. A very interesting point that is important in this is the very precise harmony that prevails in the whole building.

sheikh lotfollah in isfahan
  •  Qeshm Star Valley

One of the scenic areas of Qeshm is Star Valley. These rocks are made of sandstone and marl (clay-limestone) and have been eroded over the years into strange shapes that, if you have a high level of imagination, look like things like animals, faces, hands, or more you will see.

qeshm star valley
  • Eram Garden and Palace in Shiraz

Although the Eram Garden was probably built in the 11th century, the palace inside it dates back to the 13th century. A palace with a three-story building that evokes such a good and lasting feeling in the mind of every person that it is a little difficult to recount, the airflow in this building is maximized on the lower floors. There is a swimming pool in it, reflecting the unique beauty of the colorful tiles next to the lush gardens.

eram garden in shiraz
  •  Tower and Castle of Kerman port

It can be said that the largest brick building in the world is Bam Citadel, which is 2,000 years old and dates back to the Parthian Empire. After the Afghan invasion, the city was somewhat abandoned until 1722, but over time its population increased

  •  Persepolis Shiraz

The architectural style used in this ancient city is an example of the ceremonial style of the empire. With basic research, archaeologists linked the antiquity of the monument to 515 questions. Huge sculptures and buildings introduce the remnants of ancient Iranian architecture.

  •  Choghaznabil Ziggurat

Choghaznabil Ziggurat has been left with the center of the ancient city of Susa since the time of the Elamites. It is located forty-five kilometers south of the ancient city and the history of Susa and thirty-five kilometers from the city of Shushtar. Made in AD to praise the Lord of Gal and Inshushinak.
This structure is square in size and measures 105 meters by 105 meters its height was 52 meters at the beginning of construction and at five floors, but today its height is 25 meters and only two floors remain. Choghaznabil monument is on the World Heritage List and was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran in 1348.


What are antiquities?

A collection of objects, manuscripts, places, buildings, and inscriptions left by their predecessors that tell of their culture and civilization, or the events of human history, are called “antiquities.”

The oldest antiquities of Iran

Many places inside Iran remain intact after several hundred years. Visiting historical places has attracted a lot of tourists.

  • Bistoon

Amazing inscriptions and sculptures from the Achaemenid period of the Hersin Valley of Kermanshah, around which works from the Sassanid period can also be found. Description of the victory of Darius the Great over Gaumata the Magi in several languages from Elamite and Akkadian to Pahlavi. This work is registered in UNESCO but has suffered irreparable damage over time.

bistoon in kermanshah
  • Burnt City

Ancient city government near Zabul. 6,000 years old civilizations. Named the most advanced city in the ancient world. Even the famous Egyptian physician Sinoeh mentions it in his book. In this ancient metropolis, gold, jewelry, mosaics, pottery, mat weaving, and even the world’s first animation have been discovered in an earthenware jar.

burnt city
  •  Shushtar water structures

An ancient industrial complex that is the most unique. Accumulation of bridges, dams, mills, canals, and tunnels, all built to guide and consume water properly. It has been used from the Achaemenid period to the end of the Sassanids. The largest industrial complex in the world was known before the European Industrial Revolution.

shushtar water
  •  Bandar Siraf

An ancient port near Kangan in Bushehr province, with a special architecture that is not unlike Masouleh in Gilan. It was known as religious tolerance and most races lived in it. Ancient tombs testify to this. It was also known as Mumbai in Iran, but an earthquake destroyed the port. It was once the most prosperous port in the Middle East.

bandar siraf

If you want to travel to historical places, remember that all these places are historical treasures and must be protected.

Last word

In conclusion, Tehran’s cultural attractions offer a captivating journey through time, where ancient history and modern creativity coalesce, providing visitors with an enriching experience of Iran’s diverse and dynamic capital.

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cultural attraction of tehran

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