Rent a car or take the train?

car or train

Rent a car or take the train? This is a question you may have when traveling. Car rental in Tehran is the choice of most travelers. To answer this question, consider some cases such as:

  • Geographical distance
  • Rail cover
  • Town or Village
  • Number of people traveling
  • Baggage
  • Children

Train Travel

Train travel in large cities with advanced train systems can help you save more money. The train timetable is clear. In addition, locals can use these systems more easily. Train stops are always well designed so that passengers don’t have to wait too long for a train.

People who get on the train for the first time feel that the train is faster than expected. Although train travel does not have the flexibility of traveling by car, it is less stressful instead. When you travel by train you don’t have to worry about parking places, unfamiliar roads, food stations, and W.C.

The cost of a train ticket is much lower than renting a car and it is more economical for you.

Geographical distance

If your trip covers a large area, it is better to choose the train.

Rail cover

If you have a large railway in the area you are traveling to, make the most of it.

Town or Village

The car is very convenient for suburbs, while in the city you have easy access to a variety of transportation systems.

Number of People Travelling

If you are more than two people, your expenses with the car will be very high.


If you are not good at picking up luggage, it is better to travel by car so that everything is being at your hand.


Travel by car is very flexible, but there is a lot of space on the train for the children’s comfort. The children are constantly moving.

Some travel routes are easy to get around. They are suitable for driving. They have reasonable rental costs, no language restrictions, beautiful suburban areas, and good roads.  

Car Travel

Car Travel is amazing, special if you rent a car. Imagine you traveled to Isfahan. We suggest you car rental in Isfahan. In this way, you can visit the sights of Isfahan with ease.

Should I rent a car in Iran or take the train?

If you have a long way to go, the train is a better option than the car rental. On the night train, you can have dinner at the station where the train stops or on the same train. Also:

  • You can sleep in your compartment
  • You can enjoy breakfast in another city (in a different mood and atmosphere)

Is there rail coverage in your area? So you can make the most of it. On long trips, it is better to use the train, which is a cheaper option. Cars are usually a better option in remote areas.

From which company should you rent a car?

When renting a car, check the rental conditions. Rentkonim Company is one of the top car rental companies.

Why care are better than trains?

Car rental without a driver allows you to take control and manage your trip. You can go in any direction you like. Car travel to go and explore the countryside is very convenient. Also, you will not have to worry about booking a hotel. Because the hotel does not have an empty room, you can easily get to the next hotel.

We will soon publish an article on which of these is cheaper in Europe? Rent a car or take the train?  

Last Word

Whether to rent a car or take the train depends on various factors such as geographical distance, rail coverage, destination (urban or suburban), the number of travelers, baggage, and personal preferences. Train travel can be a cost-effective and stress-free option for large cities with advanced train systems, while car rental offers flexibility and convenience, especially for exploring suburban or remote areas. Ultimately, the choice between car rental and train travel in Iran or any other destination should be based on your specific travel needs and preferences.

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