Introducing the best cities of Iran for summer travel

Introducing the pristine cities of Iran for summer travel

Summer is a good opportunity to travel for a few days and relax in a beautiful and relaxing place. Because the historical land and pleasant climate of Iran have different areas to travel in different seasons. Therefore, traveling to the best tourist destinations in summer and booking hotels in Iran will experience a trip away from the heat a unique feeling.

Firoozkooh Tehran

This region has a very cool climate on most days of the year due to its mountainous nature. Firoozkooh village is located next to Tehran-Ghaem road. Of course, you should know that in addition to the pristine and beautiful nature, this area has many historical attractions, including the old caravanserai castles, shrines, and ancient cemeteries, all of which are very spectacular.

Aras River and Julfa of Azerbaijan

One of the things that makes Aras an ideal area for nature lovers is the large number of areas where guests can pitch a tent and spend one or more days in the lap of nature.


The city of Tabriz is one of the largest metropolises in the country and is the best city in Iran for summer travel, It is also known as one of the tourism and economic hubs in the northwest of the country. The climate of Tabriz in summer, like other cities in northwestern Iran, is temperate and cool.

traveling to Iran in summer
traveling to Iran in summer


“Talesh” a city between mountains, sea, and forest in the northwest of Gilan province, leads to the Alborz Mountains in three directions and the Caspian Sea in one direction, and for this reason, even in summer, it has a temperate and cool climate. The best cities in Iran to travel to in the summer. The city of Talesh, also known as Hashtpar, is one of the coolest cities in northern Iran.


Ardabil province is limited to the Republic of Azerbaijan from the north, East Azerbaijan from the west, Gilan province from the east, and Zanjan province from the south and is one of the cold regions of Iran. This province has 10 cities, each of which has its charms and characteristics. Meanwhile, Sarein city has the largest number of tourists for summer travel and Iran tourism due to its famous hot springs.


Lake “Shurabil”, which is older than Lake Urmia and is located on the way from Ardabil to Khalkhal, Lake “Noor” is also located on the same route. Skiing on the grass of “Fandolo” in 10 km of Namin city with unique nature and hot springs of “Mashhsui” and areas covered with rare flowers in the world, beautiful and beautiful waterfalls and overnight accommodation equipped and safe, all summer travel and unique and dreamy Iran tourism.

Chalous Road

The Chalous-Karaj axis is one of the most unique and pristine natural landscapes and one of the most popular routes leading to the north of the country, which sometimes causes heavy traffic during the holidays.


Khansar is one of the coldest cities in Iran, which due to the cool and temperate climate in summer has caused many people to choose this region to travel. Khansar is a small and spectacular city that is two hours away from Isfahan. Most people know this area because of its many beehives and delicious honey. But I must tell you that this region is one of the best places to travel to in Iran because of its cool springs and temperate climate.

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Last word

In conclusion, Iran’s pristine cities offer a treasure trove of experiences for summer travelers seeking a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the poetic streets of Shiraz, resonating with the legacy of ancient poets, to the architectural wonders of Isfahan with its majestic mosques and bridges, each city tells a unique story. The cooler climates of cities like Tabriz and the lush gardens of Kashan provide a respite from the summer heat, while the rich Persian culinary delights and warm hospitality of the locals make for an enriching journey. Exploring these cities in Iran promises not just a vacation, but a deep dive into a world where ancient history and modern life converge in the most beautiful ways.

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