The best places for visiting in Iran

best places in iran

 Iran is a country known for its four seasons. The longitude and latitude of the high plateau of Iran are such that it combines semi-desert mountainous areas and fertile plains, which will lead to high climatic diversity. For traveling to this country, you should know about the best places in this country and after that, you can visit them. They are some famous places in Iran that all the tourists love them. So, let’s get a lot of information about all the best places in Iran.

Shiraz, one of the best cities in Iran

Shiraz is another metropolis of Iran, which is the capital of Fars province. This City is very old and it’s a historic city. Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature, flowers, and wine (in the past and before the Islamic Revolution). It is also extremely lovable due to the many orchards and fruit trees that can be seen in this city. To visit this city, you can use a car rental in Shiraz and visit all the best places in this beautiful city. There are some places in Shiraz that you should visit:

  1. Saadieh

Saadieh is the name of one of the sights of Shiraz where Saadi’s tomb is located. Saadi is one of the most popular and famous poets of the seventh century AH, whose tomb is now visited by many travelers and tourists

saadieh is one of the best places in iran
  1. Eram garden

One of the best sights and tourist attractions of Shiraz can be introduced as Eram Garden, which seems to belong to the Seljuk period, but most of its half-finished buildings were completed during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah. The beauty of Eram Garden in Shiraz is dazzling without exaggeration and revives the sense of life in you.

  1. National Garden

You can find the oldest and tallest trees in Shiraz in its national garden. This garden, which is located in front of Hafez’s tomb, is very beautiful and is one of the oldest gardens in Shiraz. National Garden or National Park is one of the tourist places of Shiraz and is a unique choice for fun and relaxation.


Best places in Isfahan

This city can be considered a perfect image of the history of Iranian art and taste, whose splendor is reflected in the sights of Isfahan. Isfahan has so much beauty and detail that it can be called half of the world. You can immerse yourself in the blue of his tiles and water his eyes forever with the colorfulness of his delicate arts. You can make legends for yourself from the sights of Isfahan and the architectural details of Isfahan and live instead of all the inhabitants of the dream mansions and gardens of Isfahan.

Some places in this city are:

  • The role of the world

Naghsh Jahan Square is the spot in Isfahan that has recorded a collection of historical narratives in its mind. Among the sights of Isfahan, this square remembers the loud sounds of joys, wars, parades of armies, and even every single polo scene that has happened throughout history.

one of the best places in isfahan
  • Khajoo Bridge, asymmetrical crown over the Zayandeh River

Khajoo Bridge was built with an asymmetrical design on the Zayandeh River. This effect has had functions such as dams and regulation of water flow and has remained intact throughout history. For visiting this city, you can use a car rental in Isfahan to visit all the best places in this city.

one of the best places in iran

Tehran, the capital city of Iran

Tehran, as the capital of Iran, has many tourist attractions, from historical and cultural to natural, etc… Which can bring you pleasant memories of this city. In this crowded city, you can enjoy the parks and natural attractions until late at night, or if you are interested in historical and cultural sites, there are many palaces, museums, and mansions in the corners of the city that will not be without pleasure. The best places in Tehran are:

  1. Tajrish Bazaar A market of Tehran’s sights

Tajrish Bazaar is one of the oldest shopping centers in Shemiran and still retains its old texture so that the famous and old rooms of the bazaar have not lost their identity. This bazaar, which is a small example of Tehran Bazaar, has been built indoors and it connects the Sarpol and Tajrish neighborhoods. To enjoy all the best places in this country, you can use a car rental in Iran. This can help you to visit all the best places in this country.

  1. Nature Bridge A bridge from the sights of Tehran

Nature Bridge, which is one of the symbols of Tehran and one of the best sights of Tehran. It crosses the Modares Highway and connects Taleghani Parks in the east and Water and Fire in the west. Along the bridge, spaces with cultural, recreational, and tourism functions have been prepared, such as a coffee shop, restaurant, gallery cafe, as well as the green space worked on the bridge, which provides a beautiful view along with the curvature of the body.

one of the important places in iran
  1. Milad Tower of Tehran is one of the best sights in Tehran

Milad Tower is the tallest skyscraper in Iran and the sixth tallest telecommunication tower in the world. This multi-purpose telecommunication tower is located in the complex of Tehran International Communication Center, in the northwest of Tehran, between a hill with an approximate area of 14 hectares, located in the south of Qods city and north of Koi Nasr in region 2 of Tehran municipality. The structure of Milad Tower is visible from almost everywhere in Tehran due to its high height and different appearance.

one of the best places in tehran

Kashan city

Kashan is a city of fragrant flowers and historical houses, a city of historical and ancient attractions, a city of natural and beautiful sights, and a city of traditional and ancient rituals. Kashan should be known as one of the old houses that are surrounded by cool breezes in summer; its diversity and multiplicity of attractions should be enjoyed and accompanied by history.

  • Silk Hill

There is an ancient hill in Fin Kashan which is known as Silk and which is the remnant of the ancient ziggurat of Iran. Silk is the name of the first civilization in Central Iran that lived in Kashan. This hill is about eight thousand years old. It seems that after climate change, the people who lived in caves came to live in the plains and started a new way of life by cultivating.

  • Mirahmad Kashan Bath

This bath belongs to the Seljuk era. The reason for naming the bath is that it is adjacent to the Imamzadeh of Sultan Amir Ahmad. Of course, the current building of the bath is something that was renovated during the Qajar period. Mir Ahmad Bath has two baths, one small and the other large. Bath customers mostly went to the bathroom on weekends. Bathroom plasters have 17 layers of restoration. The dome-shaped roof of the bathroom is one of the most beautiful dome-shaped roofs in our country due to its stunning beauty.

one of the famous places in kashan

At least, you can get some information about visiting all the best places in Iran. First, find the city that you want to visit and after that pack your things and be ready for your trip.

Last Words

In conclusion, Iran’s rich geographical diversity offers travelers a multitude of experiences throughout its four seasons. From the historic and poetic city of Shiraz to the architectural wonders of Isfahan, and the bustling capital city of Tehran, Iran boasts a wide array of attractions. Whether it’s the tranquil gardens in Shiraz, the grandeur of Naghsh Jahan Square in Isfahan, or the modern marvel of Milad Tower in Tehran, there’s something for every traveler to explore and enjoy. Kashan’s fragrant flowers and ancient rituals add to the country’s allure. With a car rental in Iran, you can conveniently traverse these diverse landscapes and immerse yourself in the beauty and history of this captivating nation.