Best places in Isfahan that you should visit them

best places in isfahan that you should visit

For tourists who love to see ancient antiquities and the amazing art of Islamic architecture, Isfahan with its most beautiful mosques, squares, and historic stairs is the best choice. Isfahan is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Iran and even in the world. The presence of antiquities and places of interest such as numerous palaces, bridges, mosques, and various markets, has made Isfahan one of the most popular tourist cities in Iran to visit.

Where should we go in Isfahan?

Isfahan has so many historical and tourist attractions that several articles have to be written to introduce them all. There is a historical city on every corner and each of them has a story behind it.

Isfahan, with its ancient antiquity, has always been considered by the elders and rulers of a country throughout history, and for this reason, it has placed many historical monuments in its heart.

Naghsh Jahan Square, one of the most beautiful sights of Isfahan

Naghsh Jahan Square is the spot in Isfahan that has recorded a collection of historical narratives in its mind. Among the sights of Isfahan, this square remembers the loud sounds of joys, wars, parades of armies, and even every single polo scene that has happened throughout history. The square that the Timurids built in the center of the city expanded during the reign of Shah Abbas I and gradually reached this greatness and glory during different days.

Naghsh Jahan Square, with all its unique features, is undoubtedly one of the most important sights of Isfahan. In the past, this square was known as “Shah Square”, which was renamed “Imam Square” after the revolution. Imam Square is a rectangular space 560 meters long and 160 meters wide, which took years to build, and the buildings around it to reach the shape and image we see now. Naghsh Jahan is the second largest square in the world, which is world-famous as the attraction of Isfahan.

Isfahan Khajavi Bridge

Khajoo Bridge in Isfahan is one of the architectural masterpieces and due to its historical nature and the wonder of the art of the architect Khajoo Bridge, the name of this bridge was registered in 1310 among the national monuments of Iran.

The historical background of the Khajoo Bridge in Isfahan dates back to the time of Shah Abbas II in the Safavid period. At that time, Shah Abbas ordered the construction of a bridge over the Zayandeh River that could connect the Khajou neighborhood to Takht-e Folad and the Shiraz route. By building this bridge, neighborhoods on this side of the river were connected to others on the other side of the river.

Caesarea Bazaar with its historical door is the best place to see in Isfahan

Qaisaria or Soltani Bazaar is a spectacular place in Isfahan and is located at the northern end of Naghsh Jahan Square. Isfahan tourist places and indoor markets initially attract your attention due to their special architecture. This attraction is one of the most hidden and at the same time most obvious sights of Isfahan; you just have to lift your head a little to see it. Everything can be found in this market now. The order of samovars, Haruniyeh, Maghsoud Beyk, Nimavard Golshan, and naked and sincere bazaar are among the oldest and most famous parts of the market. Qaisaria Bazaar is one of the sights of Isfahan that attracts many tourists.

The most important part of Caesarea Bazaar in terms of architectural art is the Caesarea gate, which is remarkable due to its special decorations and historical importance.

Isfahan Imam Mosque

Imam Mosque is one of the most important sights of Isfahan, which in the past was known as Shah Mosque. This building is located at the western end of the square and has a special plan and mesmerizing decorations. The turquoise tiles of this mosque in different parts of the door, naves, and courtyards and their image falling in the water basins of this mosque have made it popular among domestic and foreign tourists and art lovers. The mosque is known as the main indicator of Safavid art. Its quadrangular plan is completely oblique to Naghsh Jahan Square to adapt to the qibla. You can visit this place with the car rental in Isfahan and save your money and your time together.

Thirty-three bridges

The Thirty-three Bridges, also known as the Allah Verdi Khan Bridge, stands as a premier attraction in Isfahan. Renowned for its unmatched beauty among the city’s numerous bridges and sights, this historical structure has preserved its strength and elegance despite the passage of centuries. Spanning 300 meters in length and 14 meters in width, the bridge features 33 arches on its lower level and additional archways above, creating a magnificent vista.

Historically, this bridge served as a vibrant venue for various ritual and national festivities, including Nowruz celebrations, Armenian pilgrimages, and the traditional Abrizan ceremonies. It was once adorned with murals, though they have not withstood the test of time, and no traces of these artworks remain today. Protecting such heritage from the certainly has been a formidable challenge.

For those planning a visit and preferring independent travel, Kia Sorento rental without driver in Iran offers a seamless way to explore the rich history and beautiful landscapes of Isfahan at your own pace.

Garden and mansion of Hasht Behesht, Isfahan

Behesht Garden is the best recreational place in Isfahan and in terms of gardening, Hasht Behesht is one of the flat and non-stepped gardens. Like the Chehelston Garden, there is a large mansion and palace in front of a tall fountain like a water canal, which not only reflects the image of the palace elements, but also other surrounding elements.

All parts of Hasht Behesht Palace are full of decorated and adorned with beautiful beds, luxurious royal paintings, well-made Mogharnas, etc. All porches, rooms, arches, and windows are decorated in the most beautiful way possible and the walls shine because of the mirrors.

As we said, Isfahan has the perfect places for visiting in all seasons. So you can travel there by car or other ways and enjoy your trip.

Last Words

In conclusion, Isfahan, often referred to as “Half of the World” for its extraordinary beauty, is a must-visit destination for travelers who appreciate ancient antiquities and Islamic architecture. This remarkable city in Iran boasts an array of historical treasures, including Naghsh Jahan Square, where history and culture converge, the iconic Khajoo Bridge, and the bustling Caesarea Bazaar. Don’t miss the awe-inspiring Imam Mosque and the elegant Thirty-three Bridges. For a peaceful retreat, the Garden and Mansion of Hasht Behesht offers a glimpse into Persian luxury. Isfahan’s timeless charm and rich heritage make it an unforgettable destination, and car rental in Isfahan ensures you can explore this enchanting city at your own pace, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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