What are the most beautiful hotels in Iran?

best hotels in iran

According to many tourists, Iran and its beauties are so attractive and unique that they tempt tourists across the border to pack their bags and travel to this country. From unique architecture to walking in lush forests in different parts of the world, everyone has created landscapes and attractions that can not be seen anywhere in the world.

 In addition, the hospitality that is a prominent feature of the Iranian people has caused them to receive domestic and foreign travelers by building luxurious residences and hotels, which itself reflects the unique architecture and art of the people.

Toranj Kish Hotel

Toranj Kish Hotel is the first sea hotel in the country, which is located on the beautiful island of Kish. This five-star hotel is located in a pristine and scenic area in the north of the island. Toranj Kish Hotel has two phases, sea and coast, each of which has different parts that are equipped with the best and most up-to-date facilities.

The unique beauty and extremely luxurious facilities of this hotel have made travelers fascinated by it at first sight and choose to stay in this hotel.

Toranj Kish Hotel has 100 rooms that are built on a wooden pier and have a spectacular view of the sea. The facilities provided have made this hotel known as the most expensive hotel in Iran. So, this hotel is one of the beautiful hotels in Iran.

toranj hotel

5-star hotel Spinas Palace in Tehran

A luxury and stylish hotel located in the northwest of Tehran and with the most advanced technologies and unique architecture is one of the most modern and beautiful hotels in Iran. The name of this hotel is taken from a mountain peak called Spinas in northern Iran and means accommodation in summer areas.

Due to its special geographical location, Spinas Hotel offers a unique view of Tehran to its guests. This hotel has 20 floors with 400 rooms and deluxe suites, all of which have a wonderful interior design and are equipped with all the amenities of the day.

In addition, there are stylish restaurants with different nationalities, including French, Thai, Mediterranean, and traditional Iranian restaurants.

five star hotels in tehran

Darvish Hotel in Mashhad

Dervish Hotel in Mashhad, which was built to inspire energy and provide good lighting inspired by the atrium or between the Roman halls, has an open space in the middle that extends to the roof of the hotel.

The hotel room service, especially the penthouse suites, is very luxurious and includes services from airport transfer to sauna and office services needed by business travelers.

 This hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Iran.

Another feature of this hotel is the duplex of nations, whose architecture and layout are inspired by Chinese, Indian and Egyptian elements.

The hotel has 5 restaurants with different concepts Moroccan restaurant with Arabic food and side dishes, a roof garden restaurant in the open air with a beautiful view of Mashhad, an Atrium restaurant with an Asian menu, and a Barbecue restaurant which specializes in kebabs, ‌ the interesting points are the hotel.

hotel darvishi is one of the best hotels in mashhad

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

One of the oldest hotels in Iran and the world is the five-star Abbasi Hotel, which is located in the beautiful city of Isfahan.

This hotel was used as an inn in the past, now it is one of the largest hotels in Iran. The unique architecture used in the hotel and its rooms, along with maintaining its caravanserai character, has attracted more tourists.

 The building Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan has 3 floors and 225 rooms, which are equipped with the best services and amenities and are ready to receive domestic and foreign tourists 24 hours a day.

Shiraz Grand Hotel

The ship-shaped view of this beautiful hotel attracts the attention of every spectator upon entering Shiraz and passing through the Quran Gate.

 Shiraz Grand Hotel has the best facilities and services such as luxury and well-equipped international restaurants, the best entertainment centers, and a unique collection of water sports. It is interesting to know that the largest restaurant in Iran has been built in this hotel. So, it was one of the most beautiful hotels in Iran.

All the rooms of the hotel are very luxurious, well-equipped, and comfortable. The aristocracy of this hotel overlooks the Quran Gate, the gardens of Shiraz, as well as its proximity to historical monuments and entertainment places.

Bagh Moshir Al-Malak Hotel in Yazd

Yazd Moshir Al-Malak Garden Hotel is the oldest garden hotel in Iran. This hotel with completely traditional architecture is a relic of the Qajar period, which in addition to the hotel is one of the tourist attractions of the historic city of Yazd.

The first interesting thing that catches the guests’ attention upon arrival is the presence of two African parrots in red and blue, as well as two males, one large and the other small, who are the main characters of the hotel.

This hotel has an area of ​​13,000 square meters and has 92 rooms and suites, each with its paintings, and is very well equipped despite its traditional texture.

Mushir Al-Malak Hotel in Yazd with its different designs has created a quiet place for its guests to relax.


one of the best hotels in iran

We have the most beautiful hotels in Iran. You can check the hotel information is before traveling to a different part of this country.

Last word

Iran is home to some of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels, offering travelers a unique blend of traditional architecture and modern amenities. From the Toranj Kish Hotel, nestled on the pristine island of Kish, to the Spinas Palace in Tehran, boasting stunning city views, these hotels provide a glimpse into Iran’s rich culture and warm hospitality. The Darvish Hotel in Mashhad offers an enchanting atrium-inspired design, while the historic Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan preserves its caravanserai character. Shiraz Grand Hotel, with its iconic ship-shaped structure, and Yazd’s Moshir Al-Malak Garden Hotel, steeped in Qajar-era charm, complete the list of Iran’s most captivating accommodations. Each of these hotels promises an unforgettable stay in this diverse and culturally rich country.

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