Hyundai i10 Rental in Dubai

hyundai i10 rental in Dubaiلاماری 3hyundai i10 rental in Dubaihyundai i10 rental in Dubaihyundai i10 rental in Dubai

Hyundai i10
Rental Prices

Daily price ل
  • Model: 2020
  • 2 up to 8 days: 650AED
  • 9 up to 20 days: 630AED
  • more than 20 days: 590AED

Hyundai i10 Features

equipments ل
  • Capacity: 5
  • Gear: automatic
  • Suitcase: 2
  • A/C

Hyundai i10 Rental Terms and Condition in Dubai

1- You should pay 1000 AED for the deposit. we will refund the deposit when you return the car.
2- You should be 19 or older to be able to use car rental in Dubai services.
3- Hyundai i10 have 200 KM mileage limitation daily.
4- This car is covered with Medium insurance.
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Hyundai i10 car rental in Dubai

Discover the allure of Dubai in 2024 by choosing Rentkonim for your Hyundai i10 rental needs. Tailored for the modern voyager, the i10 offers spacious interiors, unparalleled safety features, and superior performance, making it the ideal choice for cruising through Dubai’s lively boulevards and scenic byways. Whether you’re admiring the city’s architectural wonders or the serene desert landscapes, every journey is bound to be delightful and memorable. Choose Rentkonim for your Hyundai i10 rental in Dubai and enjoy the ultimate combination of comfort, reliability, and exceptional service.
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