Tour to unknown villages inside Iran (2024)

best tour to unknown village

Iran has many places of interest, and due to its long history, which shows the antiquity of this border and environment, it has many hidden secrets in its heart and attracts tourists to discover these secrets. A country of 4 seasons with stunning history and stunning natural attractions; It also has the most beautiful and pristine villages that can be attractive to those friends who are interested in ecotourism. In this article, we want to talk about unknown villages in Iran that you should visit even once.

Hajij village of Kermanshah

Hajij village is located 34 km from Paveh city and 123 km from Kermanshah in the Nosud district. Paveh is one of the border cities of Kermanshah province, which is located 122 km northwest of this province. This city leads from the north and northeast to Marivan city in Kurdistan province, from the east and south to Javanrood city, and from the west to Iraq (Kurdistan region).

Hajij is one of the special and of course unknown villages of Iran, which has unique and spectacular attractions; It has many stories to tell. The meaning of the name of Hajij village is green and deep valley and its interesting features can be attributed to the village buildings which are made of stone. In this village, you do not see any trace of bricks in the building. Hajij village is one of the lesser-known villages in Iran and has many beauties.

Makhonik village

Makhonik is the name of a unique village in a remote corner, located in Sarbisheh city of South Khorasan province of Iran. The village dates back hundreds of years ago and has mysterious stories.

Makhonik village is one of the seven special and unique villages in the world that many people will visit this village every year.

Ista village

The Ista village, whose people, according to the fatwa of an imitation authority, have for years avoided contact with other human beings and any modern technology tools and behaviors, is one of the sights of Taleghan. This village is considered one of the strangest villages in Iran due to its special way of life. The life of the residents of Ista village, according to them, has stopped in the traditional way of life of the Qajar period and away from the city. You can use a car rental in Iran to visit this perfect village.

Some people believe that the people of Ista village stopped at the time, which is why it is also called Stop village. In all the seasons, lots of tourists visit this special village.

Saholan village

Saholan village, which is one of the sights of West Azerbaijan province, is mostly known for the existence of the Saholan water cave. However, other attractions such as historic castles and old mosques, roaring springs, orchards, and beautiful nature have made this village a popular tourist destination.

Ker Kaboud village of Tehran

This mountain village is located in the upper part of Taleghan, Taleghan city, and is 2271 meters above sea level. Ker kaboud is located northeast of the center of Taleghan, 5 km away. This village is considered one of the attractions of the Taleghan region due to the type and shape of the land and the surrounding mountains and its famous waterfall and spring.

Ker Kaboud village has a pleasant climate due to its location at the foot of the mountain.

Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Fire Village

One of the best sights you can find to see the overturned tulips is the village of Atashgah in the central part of Lordegan. Of course, the spectacular attractions of this village are not limited to overturned tulips. Atashgah is also known as the House of Waterfalls of Iran and has a pristine and untouched nature.

The village of Atashgah dates back to the Qajar period and the natives living in it are Bakhtiari tribes. The people of this region choose the village of Atashgah as their residential area and set up their original and beautiful tents along the river and the famous waterfalls of Atashgah.

Zargar village

Between Tehran and Qazvin, there is a village called Zargar, where the villagers themselves are a kind of attraction. The people of this village speak Romanian except for Latin and write Latin. The religion of the villagers is Islam and their main occupation is animal husbandry and agriculture. The people of Zargar village did not know their origin and exactly where they came from in the world. In addition to Romanian and Persian, they are fluent in Qazvini Turkish.

One of the best things about Iran is the unknown places that you can visit in all the seasons. So, pack your things and start your travel right now.

Last Words

Iran, a land of hidden treasures, boasts breathtaking landscapes and enchanting villages waiting to be explored. Hajij village in Kermanshah, with its stone buildings and lush valleys, offers a unique charm. Makhonik village in South Khorasan is shrouded in mystery, drawing curious visitors to its ancient roots. Ista village in Taleghan has chosen to live as if time stopped in the Qajar period, making it one of the most intriguing places to visit.

Saholan village in West Azerbaijan beckons with its water cave, historic landmarks, and picturesque surroundings. Ker Kaboud village in Taleghan, perched on a mountain slope, boasts a refreshing climate and natural beauty. Atashgah village in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari is renowned for its overturned tulips and pristine nature.

Zargar village, a linguistic anomaly between Tehran and Qazvin, offers a fascinating blend of languages and cultures. Iran’s lesser-known gems invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, promising unforgettable experiences in all seasons. Pack your bags and set forth on your Iranian adventure today.