Different types of cloth for women and men

type of clothing for men and wpmen

From ancient times the people used different clothes to protect their bodies from the weather and other dangers in nature. One of the features of travel and excursion is familiarity with the culture and customs of other regions. Due to its long history and rich history, Iran is one of the countries where unique ethnicity and culture can be seen everywhere. For traveling to this country, you can rent a car. rentkonim gives you the best car at the best price. So, let’s rent a car and after that travel to Iran.

Different types of cloth for women

Culture, which is our view of the universe and the world around us, is so important that it encompasses all values, methods, patterns, and behaviors of the individual and society.

The culture of clothing in Iran is directly related to the collective identity of Iranians. With the advancement of technology and the presence of computers and the Internet in Iranian homes, fashion changes have increased more than in previous years.

In the ’90s, the activity of Iranian designers increased and as a result, the variety of men’s and women’s clothing increased. As a result, the pattern of the clothes was not only obtained from European and American fashions, and many of the clothes took on an oriental color and smell close to Iranian culture. This development of clothing design in Iran is increasing day by day and prestigious and successful Iranian brands are considered not only in the country but all over the world. So, it doesn’t mean that all the girls and women should wear the chador. They should just wear the Manto and scarf.

Women’s style in Iran

The image that other countries have of Iranian women is that they wear black. But Iranian women are free to choose different colors of clothes and set the colors together to create an unforgettable combination with oriental style. Hijab now has a completely new look, people wear different colors and styles and change it to a beautiful part of Iranian fashion that is for women.

What is more popular is the open-toed or buttonless coat, which is often paired with a scarf, jeans or fabric, and sneakers or sandals for a sporty style, and high heels for a formal style. The biggest change in the last 20 years has been in women’s clothing. The scarf no longer covers all the hair as it used to, the pants are often short, so that the wrists and parts of the legs are fully visible. Women’s clothing styles are extremely beautiful and show how women seek to change traditional definitions of their clothing style. At least, you can visit this country and see the beauty of style.

girls style

Different types of cloth for men

When you walk the streets of a city in Iran, you can hardly see men wearing shorts, wearing different clothes on different occasions, but full coverage has always been important. This shows that the hijab is not limited to women, but men also try to cover their bodies.

 They don’t need to cover their hair and neck completely; even their sleeves usually cover three-quarters of a woman’s arms. They rarely use masks, tents, and loose coats anymore, girls and boys try to change their attitudes in the style of clothing according to their style and creativity.

Men still wear plain cotton shirts with jeans or fabric along with sneakers and formal shoes. Men’s clothing style has not changed much, but pants and tights are often chosen.

men style

Today, with the fashion trend becoming a social necessity, Iranian girls and boys, despite social constraints, are still trying to create a modern clothing style. In the end, you should know that the Iranian style, is one of the best styles in the world. They match the best colors together.

Last words

In conclusion, exploring a country’s culture and customs is an integral part of any journey, and Iran offers a rich tapestry of traditions and styles, particularly in clothing. Iran’s diverse cultural heritage is reflected in the clothing choices of its people, with a blend of traditional and modern fashion.

The culture of clothing in Iran has evolved over the years, with Iranian designers contributing to a vibrant fashion scene. Women’s clothing styles have become more colorful and diverse, challenging stereotypes, and allowing for individual expression within the bounds of hijab. Iranian women choose from a wide array of clothing options, from open-toed coats to scarves, jeans, and elegant high heels.

Men in Iran also emphasize modesty and full coverage in their clothing choices, opting for cotton shirts and pants, often with a nod to contemporary fashion trends. Despite societal constraints, both Iranian girls and boys seek to express their creativity and personal style through clothing.

Ultimately, Iran’s unique style and creativity in fashion make it a fascinating destination for those interested in exploring the intersection of culture and clothing. Rent a car with Rentkonim to embark on your journey through this culturally rich country and discover the beauty of Iranian style.