Top 8 hunted places in the world that no one can go

top hunted places in the world

There are places around the world with a dark and terrifying history. Visiting scary places may not be unlike going to places where wandering spirits are. Even scarier is going to places with ghosts in this world that are not human. Many people believe that some places have been conquered. In such places, sounds may be heard, or things may be seen or even worse. Yes, cemeteries, hotels, prisons, landmarks, and sometimes even seemingly ordinary places may be full of wandering ghosts!


The Ayol Palace in Honolulu is where the last of the Hawaiian royal family, King Kalakawa, and his sister, Queen Liliokalani, were imprisoned in the Queen’s bedroom for eight months after a revolt that led to the overthrow of the monarchy. Now the queen’s ghost wanders the corridors of the palace (the only royal palace in the United States) and people claim to have heard her footsteps, smelled her cigarettes, and often seen ghosts in the building; the building was built in 1882. This landmark of national history has been used as the main building and headquarters of the Republican government since 1969, and its doors have been open to the public since 1978 as a museum visit. You cannot stay in this place for a long time!


As the graveyard that people say is most possessed by ghosts across the country, people say they regularly see a ghost that appears to be wearing a white dress or wedding dress. Ed and Lorraine Warren, a couple whose names have been featured in films such as Conjuring, have also written a book about the place, and Ed Warren claims to have videotaped the ghost.

Salem, USA

Salem is the place where the famous witch trials of the 1680s took place. In fact, at the time, the arrested witches were taken to Salem, Massachusetts, where they were tried. Salem is undoubtedly one of the cursed places in the world.

Castle of Hope; Cape Town, South Africa

Strange sounds are heard everywhere! Restless walks on the stairs and screams that can scare you! Are you willing to believe all these crazy things? If not, you should visit Omidvari Castle in Cape Town and ask the guards who have seen it over the years! This mysterious place is one of the scariest places in the world.

Conference Railway Station; Spain

Although the railway station played an important role in Spain’s international railway system, it was abruptly shut down after an accident in 1970. No humanitarian action has been taken since then to restart; this winding station has now become a ghost town and one of the scariest places in the world.

Kelly Road, Ohio, Pennsylvania

One mile off the main road in Ohio, Pennsylvania is an area where countless reports of transcendental activity and strange happenings have been reported. Reports indicate that when animals enter the area, they lose their calmness and gentleness, and this calmness becomes predatory and then goes to other animals and even humans.

This road is surrounded by dense, black, and terrifying forest, in which white noises and ghosts have been heard and seen, which cannot be described. No one is quite sure why this small section of the road has been conquered, but some theories have suggested that these events may in some ways be related to the ritual activities that once took place in this place, as well as the curses that this is the reason why the people of this land have suffered.

Mary King Dead End, England

The Mary King Dead End is a tunnel that was one of the most popular places in the Scottish town of Edinburgh in the 17th century. This alley was one of the shelters for people with the plague at that time. It is said that from the very beginning of the plague in this city until about 200 years later, this alley was caught by various ghosts and ghosts. The history and stories of the Mary King impasse have made it one of the most cursed places in the world, attracting many tourists.

Scary Banff Hotel, Canada

The strange and gothic architecture of the Banff Hotel itself is a reason why people consider this expensive hotel one of the most cursed places in the world. It is said that this hotel, where Marilyn Monroe once spent her honeymoon, was attacked many years ago by the ghost of a woman who lost her life wearing a wedding dress!

As we said before, you shouldn’t visit these places without any permission. All of these places have a story behind them. If you like a dark tourist, you can visit scary places.

Last word

In conclusion, the top 8 most haunted places in the world that are largely inaccessible to the public are a testament to the enduring allure of the paranormal and the mysteries that still captivate our imaginations. From ancient castles shrouded in dark histories to abandoned asylums echoing with troubled pasts, these locations are steeped in tales of ghostly apparitions, unexplained phenomena, and eerie occurrences. Their inaccessibility only adds to their mystique, making them the subjects of speculation, research, and fascination. Whether these hauntings are real or merely the products of folklore and legend, they continue to intrigue and unsettle, serving as stark reminders of the world’s hidden, and often unsettling, corners.