popular cars that are rented in Iran

popular cars in iran

For some people inside Iran, a car is a must. Some cars are more popular in Iran than others. Some people like Iranian cars and others like foreign cars. Each person’s criteria for choosing a car is different. In recent years, Iranian customers have shown great interest in buying imported cars. Some people prefer to have an Iranian car and others like to have a luxury foreign car. For saving your money, you can use car rental in Iran. So, check the conditions at first and after that rent your favorite car.

Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the populist cars in Iran

Santa Fe is the best-selling Hyundai car in Iran. This Korean quality product, while impressive and beautiful, is equal to Japanese and German cars in terms of options and is even cheaper in terms of price. Euro 6 standard and fuel consumption of about 11 liters per 100 kilometers, Hyundai Santa Fe makes it an economical car compared to competitors.

santafe is one of the most popular cars in iran

Santa’s rival Kia Cerato

With a slight difference, Kia Cerato is the main competitor of Santa Fe Hyundai in the list of best-selling foreign cars in Iran. Due to its acceptable design, this car is one of the most attractive foreign sedans in the country and is a suitable choice for different age groups.

Hyundai Tucson is one of the most famous cars in Iran

The Hyundai Tucson has become one of the best-selling Korean cars with its attractive appearance and appearance similar to the popular Santa Fe car; so if you are looking for a unique Santa Fe model with a lower price, the Tucson will be the right car for you.

one of the famous car in iran

Kia Optima

Optima is one of the best-selling foreign cars in Iran, which is made in Korea. Kia has put all the elements in the construction of this sphere in such a way that this car, in addition to its sporty appearance, is also suitable for different ages, which is why the Optima can be described as a sports car with a formal appearance. Optima, along with its various comforts and facilities, is extremely safe, so it can be safely selected for long-distance travel.

Peugeot 206

Low fuel consumption, exterior, and interior design, and good safety status. This car was first produced and marketed in 1998 by the French company Peugeot. This attractive hatchback with good design, reasonable price, low fuel consumption, and acceptable amenities was able to experience good sales.

one of the best cars in iran

BMW 650, a car without flaws

This car has eight-cylinder, 4.4-liter, and 410-horsepower engines, which make the high speed of the owners of this car different and attractive. BMW is very popular in Iran. The price of this car is higher than other cars.

one of the best cars in iran

Dena Turboplus

This car had a higher circulation than the assembled Kia Cerato and Mazda 3, but at a much lower price than these two competitors, it offered a high level of safety and facilities to buyers, and if its build quality was higher, it might have become the car of the year in Iran.

Peugeot 207 SD automatic

This car gained a very good share of the Iranian car market. The car’s four-cylinder engine can produce 105 horsepower at 5,800 pm. One of the advantages of this car is its low consumption.

the famous car in iran

Hyundai Accent

This car, which is known as Verna in some countries, is one of the best-selling Hyundai cars, which mostly targets the young generation, but due to its extraordinary beauty, its buyers are almost all generations. The Accent can be considered a completely modern car that has a reasonable price against all other competitors in terms of all its features and capabilities. Provide peers to drivers. The Hyundai Accent dashboard is completely modern and has no trace of the classic dashboard design.

the popular car in iran

Renault Talisman

This car is one of the favorite cars in Iran. Most of the people love this car or they have it. Excellent handling, very high safety, reasonable price, and eye-catching design are some of the factors that Talisman’s significant superiority over a multitude of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, and German competitors.

the famous car in iran

As you can see, we have lots of cars in Iran that most people like. You can use rentkonim as your car rental company to get the car that you like with the easiest conditions that you have ever seen.

Last Words

Car preferences vary in Iran, with some favoring Iranian cars while others opt for imported vehicles. Recently, imported cars have gained popularity. To save money, consider car rental in Iran, checking the conditions before renting.

Popular cars in Iran include:

  1. Hyundai Santa Fe: Known for its quality and affordability, it competes with Japanese and German cars.

  2. Kia Cerato: A strong competitor to the Santa Fe, appealing to various age groups with its design.

  3. Hyundai Tucson: Shares similarities with the Santa Fe but at a lower price, making it a unique option.

  4. Kia Optima: Combines sporty aesthetics with a formal appearance and is safe for long-distance travel.

  5. Peugeot 206: Known for low fuel consumption, attractive design, and good safety.

  6. BMW 650: Offers high speed and luxury, though at a higher price.

  7. Dena Turboplus: Offers safety and features at a lower price than competitors.

  8. Peugeot 207 SD Automatic: Features a modern design and low fuel consumption.

  9. Hyundai Accent: Appeals to a wide age range with modern features and an affordable price.

  10. Renault Talisman: Known for excellent handling, high safety, and an attractive design.

You can rent your preferred car through Rentkonim with easy conditions. Enjoy your travels in Iran with the car that suits your needs.

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