Necessary documents for car rental in Istanbul

Necessary documents for car rental in Istanbul

Istanbul is a popular tourist destination for Iranians, thanks to its visa-free access and proximity. To navigate the city’s cultural and tourist attractions efficiently and cost-effectively, renting a car is recommended due to the high taxi costs. Rentkonim offers a range of car options divided into luxury and economy categories, making it convenient to rent a vehicle based on your preferences and budget. Whether you need a car for a few hours or an extended period, Rentkonim provides easy and affordable rental terms to enhance your exploration of Istanbul.

Car rental conditions in Istanbul

Simply consider the following while renting a car from Rentkonim:

  • To hire a car from Rentkonim, you must complete the essential procedures a week before your trip by WhatsApp or phone.
  • Select your preferred vehicle.
  • Coordinate the time and location of your delivery and return with our colleagues.
  • Choose automobile insurance. (Medium insurance and CDW)
  • If you require additional equipment, be sure to choose it. (Baby seat, carrier, bicycle, etc.)
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Necessary documents for car rental in Istanbul

As previously stated, Turkey is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations, attracting a large number of visitors each year.

As a result, renting a car in Turkey is one of the best ways to cut costs in this country.

  1. Iranian certificate image original and copy
  2. International Certificate image (original and copy)
  3. Image of a passport
  4. The image of a plane ticket to Turkey
  5. Deposit payment

After preparing the documents mentioned above, you can rent the car you want without a driver in Turkey and make the best memories in this country.

Where should you go in Turkey?

Turkish cities are without a doubt among the best countries in the world for tourists to visit, and they are among the most popular tourist destinations. You can begin your journey with its breathtaking beaches, delicious food, and wonderful restaurants and work your way up to the masterpieces of past empires, mosques, and historical monuments of Turkey’s rich culture.

After renting a car, it is time to decide on your next destination in this country!

Izmir, the future Istanbul

Because it will happen in the not-too-distant future, the title “Istanbul of the Future” is a very clear way to introduce the Turkish city of Izmir. Although Izmir is Turkey’s third-largest city, it is still far from the sights of many tourists. It is full of facilities, places to see, and, most importantly, cozy and stylish cafes.

Come to Izmir if you want a calmer, more attractive, and more isolated Istanbul among Turkish cities. We also recommend deferring your visit to Izmir, Turkey’s (Kemeralti) market, until the end of your trip; otherwise, with so many cafes, and restaurants serving unique local dishes, churches, and so on, you won’t have enough money to continue your journey!

Kekva Island (Karavela), the small paradise of Antalya

Among Turkey’s attractive cities, the isolated island of Kekova is the ideal destination to spend a wonderful, beautiful, and adventurous day. It is difficult to visit this location without drowning in nature. Boat rides, diving, swimming, and jet skiing will give you enjoyable experiences.

When you arrive in this lost civilization, you will encounter small villages and traditional restaurants where the pleasant aroma of Turkish food will entice you to try it. Of course, you won’t have to pay a fortune to purchase the region’s handicrafts or local foods.

Ankara, the business capital of Turkey, or entertainment?

Many people feel that Ankara, Turkey (Ankara), is merely a business capital with large buildings and contemporary hubs, but you should realize that Ankara has much more to offer than you think. This is one of Turkey’s most beautiful towns, with historic structures and exquisite tombs, as well as chic restaurants and cafés.

Visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, which is unique among Turkish cities, if you want to unravel the mysteries of Turkish history. This museum is not the only reason to visit Ankara; it is also known as the best place to study and learn about the full scope of Anatolian history before the classical era.

best places in turkey for visiting

Car rental at Istanbul Airport

If you are planning a trip to Istanbul and are concerned about taxi and commuter costs, this article will address your concerns. When you arrive in Turkey, you may hire a car from Rentkonim at Istanbul Airport, saving you from paying expensive taxi prices. Our colleagues will be at the Istanbul airport an hour before your arrival to meet you and deliver the car as soon as you arrive.

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So, worry-free, use a car rental in Turkey at any destination and time of you’re choosing and enjoy your trip with your family or friends while taking care of all your personal or office work.

Last Words

In conclusion, Istanbul’s popularity among Iranian tourists is driven by its visa-free access and proximity. To navigate the city’s attractions while avoiding the high taxi costs, renting a vehicle is a wise choice. Rentkonim offers a variety of cars, categorized into luxury and economy options, with flexible rental periods. Familiarizing yourself with rental terms and required documents is crucial, and Rentkonim makes the process easy. With essential documents like your Iranian and international certificates, passport, and flight ticket, you can rent a car and explore Turkey hassle-free. Whether you choose to explore Istanbul or venture to cities like Izmir, Kekova Island, or Ankara, a rental car provides the freedom to create unforgettable memories in Turkey.