Best places to visit during winter in Iran (2023)

best places for visiting iran during the winter

Why winter has always been our last choice for travel?

As winter approaches, many tourists make the most of a few days off to plan a memorable trip. Maybe if we travel once this season, the joy of winter travel will become so dear to our hearts that it will become our most beloved choice for travel. In the country of four seasons, there are very beautiful areas that are the best place for domestic travel in winter. At least, Beautiful Iran has first-class destinations for winter travel.

Parishan Waterfall, Kermanshah

This village is located in one of the coldest parts of Kermanshah province, so it is natural that to reach it, you must have all the necessary equipment. To watch this frozen waterfall, you have to go to the village of “Charmah Alia”, 23 km northeast of Songor on Songor-Qorveh road. To visit all the best places in Iran, you can use a car rental in Iran.

Hengam Island

It is one of the sights of Hormozgan province in the south of Iran. Hengam Island is located in the south of Qeshm Island with small settlements with an area of ​​about 50 square kilometers and has salt, soil, and lead mines.

The Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz are very important in the past and many have dreamed of dominating this region and even dominated for a while. It is the time of islands that go hand in hand many times throughout history and there are numerous exits.

North of Iran in winter

All northern cities are spectacular cities in Iran in winter. Traveling north will be extremely enjoyable even in winter. The beautiful nature of the north, which has turned white with one hand, amazes you so much that you doubt the authenticity of the image you see. You can travel there with your family and your friend with a van rental. So, you can enjoy your trip with all the members that you love.

Loot Desert, Kerman

The desert has extremely hot afternoons and the nights are so cold that it is not possible to spend the night in non-professional camps. To reach this desert, you have to go through several climatic conditions. First, you have to walk through the green city of Mahan and enter a mountain road.

You can use a car rental in Kerman to see this perfect place. This place is one of the best places in Iran. One of the most important complications that extend from the center of Lut to the west is clots.

These complications are one of the beautiful natural phenomena.

Which are unparalleled in the world and such beautiful landscapes can not be seen in any of the deserts of the world.

The clods are located 40 km east and northeast of Shahdad.

These effects are caused by severe water and wind erosion.

Resort Tourism Complex

Tochal entertainment complex is located near the north of Tehran and has a variety of entertainment such as cable cars, ski slopes, cable cars, sleds, bungee jumping, etc. In addition to mountaineering, skiing, and cable cars, which are popular recreations of the resort, there are various other activities from sledding to archery and virtual reality in this complex, where you can experience times full of excitement and fun.

Maharloo Lake, Fars

Maharlavi Lake in Fars Province creates one of the most beautiful landscapes in Iran in winter. To go to this lake, it is enough to move from Shiraz to Sarvestan, and after 50 km, this lake will welcome you with different species of migratory birds and beautiful vegetation around it. Maharloo Lake in Shiraz is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in Iran but also its most beautiful form, which has had another effect on the nature of Iran and has somehow made us not look outside to see such wonders. The beauty of this pink lake is such that one of the tourist destinations for foreign travelers is Maharloo Lake in Shiraz, which they can see with a relatively long and short trip.


From late autumn to early spring is the best time to visit this spectacular island.

There are many water activities on the island, including paragliding, scuba diving, jet-skiing, and, which will make your trip exciting. For a memorable stay in Kish, you can stay at Toranj Kish Hotel.

This hotel is located on the water and will be a different and attractive choice for accommodation

Bandar Siraf, Bushehr

Winter is one of the best times to visit the Persian Gulf. If you have always traveled to the Persian Gulf, do not miss the legendary port of Siraf. In ancient times, Siraf was a very prosperous and prosperous city with magnificent mansions and the starting point of the Silk Road.

There are the best places in Iran that you should visit in winter.

Last word

In conclusion, Iran transforms into a stunning winter wonderland, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, from the snowy peaks of Alborz and Zagros to the serene deserts and the historical splendor of cities like Isfahan and Shiraz, making it an ideal destination for travelers seeking diverse experiences during the winter season.